The compass was the very first navigation device that gave a course to a sailor on the high seas. When it was invented, the horizon of travels expanded to the shores of the ocean.
It is assumed that the invention belongs to China. Scientist Shen Gua as a result of long research has produced several types of this device.
Already at the beginning of the 14th century, the Italian Joya equipped the compass with a moving disc, which was divided into 16 parts.
Centuries later, the compass improved, pointing the way to the sea travelers, its device was supplemented and improved. Passing through the centuries, he allowed more and more accurately indicate the direction of the ships. However, there were scoundrels, for example pirates, who were laying an ax under the ship's compass for the purpose of changing the course of the ship.
Despite the fact that the magnetic compass on merchant ships is now replaced by more modern electronic devices, such a device is still required and necessary on all ships. Only the ax should be kept away.

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