How to do something really new? The creators of the flagship Sessa Marine answered this question from the standpoint of fundamental science. The chemical formula for success is to mix the two known ingredients and get a new one. As a reagent in this experiment, Centrostile design and engineers from Sessa Marine took part, and the result of their interaction was the Fly 21 Gullwing.

Clean lines and a large glass area Fly 21 Gullwing gives the classic yacht profile a modern and dynamic look. The light bar at the waterline level makes the body visually thinner and lighter. It seems that he is hanging over the water. The broken line of the bulwark reveals the main attraction of the Fly 21 Gullwing - huge huge windows resting on the floor with an unusual way of opening. The very name Gullwing means "gull-wing gulls" (gull-wing door); this system of vertical door opening has long been known and popular in the automotive world. The first car with such doors appeared in 1952 and it was a sports Mercedes-Benz 300SL. The outline of the Fly 21 Gullwing superstructure resembles a classic car of the sixties - with thin racks, huge vertical windows and an elongated bonnet, like the Ferrari 250 SWB. In the design of yachts, such a system of opening doors is a know-how that allows you to look at the space in a new way. The salon can easily be turned into an open veranda, and the doors in the raised state do not block the passages. The

Even with a quick look at the exteriors of the Fly 21 Gullwing, the quality of the workmanship is striking. Attention was paid to every detail: from glittering mooring ducks, hawks, stylish dark grilles of the ventilation system with shiny steel frames, to the rings for fixing the Fenders on the mirror surface of the case.
The windows of the main salon can be called one of the key features of the Fly 21 Gullwing, to which the definition of "glass walls" is more appropriate. They surround the salon on all four sides. The glazing area is more than 40 square meters. To enhance the transparency effect, cutouts along the windows are made in the bulwarks. Due to this, the main salon is illuminated so well that the sun's rays play even on steel socle sofas.

Another feature inherent in Fly 21 Gullwing is the high efficiency of using external and internal space. The main salon is a testament to that. It is amazingly spacious: there are two large corner sofas, a dining room for 6 people, a bar and a control post. The minimalistic design dictates the use of regular geometric shapes. The floor is finished with square wooden panels made of walnut instead of the usual narrow boards, and the sofas are covered with soft leather of calm colors. All this splendor is reflected in the ceiling of the white marble Calcatta, the smoky pattern of which creates the illusion of the sky and clouds.

Fly 21 Gullwing is a semi-custom yacht that is available in various layouts. The option with three cabins involves placing the kitchen on the lower deck. In a layout with four cabins, the kitchen is located on the main deck in the front of the cabin. Yes, the salon space allows you to create a full-fledged kitchen, even considering such generous and functional content. The

The first building Fly 21 Gullwing received only two cabins - the master suite and VIP, as well as the kitchen and an additional lounge on the lower deck, which leads the steel chrome ladder with glass steps. The master cabin is traditionally located in the widest part of the hull, it enjoys the advantage of large viewing windows flooding it with sunlight. The bathroom is made in the full width of the case with two symmetrical shells and a marble shower.
The VIP cabin is located in the bow of the lower deck and has a characteristic tapering shape. In terms of comfort and finish, it is not inferior to the master cabin, it uses all the same materials - a lot of leather and textile inserts and panels. As for the color gamut, there are a lot of dark shades of gray, beige and brown prevailing here that set the mood for a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The lounge on the lower deck is a large sofa corner, combined into a single space with a kitchen that is equipped with an oven, hob, sink, plenty of work space and drawers.

Of the open zones, it is necessary to note the flybridge. It turned out very unusual on the Fly 21 Gullwing. Its low profile, translucent railing and squat furniture - everything is designed to make this deck less visible and conspicuous, so it does not get out of the general sports exterior. However, Sessa Marine also offers a version of a yacht with a carbon top that provides more privacy and protection from the weather. The

Despite its shape, flybridge is functional enough. A huge U-shaped sofa, on which a whole company can sit, bends around a large folding dining table. Behind the sofa there is a refrigerator for soft drinks. It is extremely successful on the flybridge is located the place of the helmsman: from this point a magnificent view opens, which greatly simplifies maneuvering in loaded harbors. Flybridge is so spacious that all the listed furniture and equipment fill it a little more than half. Free space in the stern can be used as a beach club, putting a couple of sun loungers, or turn it into a dance floor in the evening. By the way, Sessa Marine offers one more solution - to equip flybridge simulators and to arrange a gym in the open air, and for protection from the sun or rain there is a folding bimini top.

In the shadow of the flybridge, hanging over the stern of the main deck, is a large open lounge. A pair of sofas and a dining table are perfect for eating outdoors. Wide side ways lead to the bow of the boat, where there is another secluded lounge with a large sofa, and the presence of a folding dining table makes this place ideal for a romantic dinner, especially when moored in a marina.
As with the layout, the future owner has a choice of three options for motorization, for example: a pair of Volvo Penta IPS 1200 D13, 1200 horsepower, two MAN V12 engines of 1400 hp each. or a pair of Caterpillar C18A for 1150 hp.

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