World premiere of Chris-Craft Launch 28 GT


Chris-Craft will present its new boat Launch 28 GT on the boat show in Miami, which will be held from February 15 to 19

The Chris-Craft manufacturer will decommission its new Launch 28 GT boat on the Miami boat show, which will take place from February 15 to February 19. This is a new compact yacht designed for small walks. Its transformation capabilities allow you to take on board a sufficient number of guests, providing them with a place for a comfortable stay.

So, the deck has a tanning zone that can be moved and transformed into additional seating areas while driving. To disperse a yacht will be either a built-in engine, or a pair of mounted motors - the power plant will be able to select the customer.

A distinctive feature of Launch 28 GT will be a roof with an elegant bending line. It provides a shadow for the cockpit, and it can also be used for water sports. Moreover, it is equipped with an electric motor, which allows it to be moved, tilted forward for towing or in order to increase the internal volume.

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