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Swimwear trends 2021


    It is quite difficult to imagine spending time during yacht voyage only on the board. Any memorable trip must be accompanied by perky dives from the yacht’s stern in cozy calm bays right into the blue waters of the deep sea. And in order to capture funny moments and replenish your Instagram with incredible shots, it would be better to choose a stylish look in advance. As the saying goes: “Prepare a sleigh in the summer, and a swimsuit…”.

    Anyway, the designers made sure that the SS 2021 should not be boring, non-trivial and diverse. Fashion catwalks this year have been replenished with animal prints, unusual textures, asymmetric styles and various elements in the form of ruffles, flounces and metal rings.

    Let’s catch up on the most popular swimwear trends SS 2021.

    Animal prints

    Leopard print goes out of fashion and then comes back again. This season designers have gone further using animal prints of a variety of options: zebra, python, tiger – there are plenty to choose from for sure. Even large black and white spots like those of sacred Indian animals can be found in summer collections.

    Rings and other items

    Metal gives a special sophistication to various things. It is not for nothing that designers are so fond of bags with chain belts, metal inserts in shoes. This trend was also continued in swimwear. Metal rings can connect the top of a swimsuit or decorate a bikini.


    Asymmetrical styles always stand out favorably among other models. Unusual shapes make the silhouette expressive and feminine. It is true that you should not sunbathe in such swimsuits for a long time. The tan may remain completely uneven. But for a photo shoot on a yacht, such models can be perfect.

    Unusual texture

    The usual synthetic materials which are perfectly stretchable and resistant to water are being replaced by sets made of jersey, dense fabric, knitted or sprayed with a “stardust” effect. The new trend fell in love with trendsetters for their originality – such models are unusual for the fresh look.

    Ties and lacing

    A wide variety of styles with ties and laces are in the trends of summer 2021. They are found in separate and one-piece swimsuits, emphasizing the femininity and sexuality of their owners. However, in order to make your tan even, you should not put on such swimsuits for a long time during summer days.

    Ruches and flounces

    Ruches, flounces and other frills came to us from last season and will be at the peak of popularity this season as well. Such swimsuits are suitable for creating a gentle, feminine and a sexy image and will become the hallmark of your sailing trip.


    Cutouts under the bust, on the belly or on the waist are an indispensable option in order to favorably emphasize the beautiful outlines of your figure or visually remove flaws. Cutouts are found in almost any collection of swimwear, which once again underlines the increased demand for such styles.

    Black minimalism

    Minimalism is always a good idea especially in fashion and it always is in trends. Simple swimsuits in a simply black color and uncomplicated shapes should find their place in a summer wardrobe. This beach option is suitable for those who do not like pretentiousness, but prefer elegant simplicity.

    High waist and high cut at the thighs

    Both options came to us from the XXth century and are still popular because of their practicality. The bottom of the high-waisted swimsuits successfully hides bulging tummies, and the cutout on the thighs visually makes legs longer and slimmer. For those who are concerned about body imperfections these are excellent options to sunbathe on a yacht.

    Male choice

    Among the popular men’s swimwear in the summer 2021, designers did not dare to overdo styles, preferring classic types of shorts and swimming trunks. At the same time, bright prints and colors prevail in men’s collections. Therefore, the male half will certainly have something to show off.


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