River Cruise: 4 most beautiful waterways


Since ancient times, man tried to master the aquatic environment, inventing rafts, boats or other means of transportation for this. The largest blue arteries of the world are still considered almost sacred and carry their waters through several countries, striking with the beauty of the coast, an abundance of remarkable places and truly interesting trips.


The longest river in Europe originates high in the Schwarzwald, and it is almost impossible to understand where its origins are; that is why the starting point of the Danube begins at its confluence with the Black Sea in a delta near Vilkovo.

The Danube flows through all of Europe, and when you go on a river cruise, you can visit up to 10 European countries – Germany, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia, Romania and other countries and 4 capitals.

A special charm has the Danube Delta, which is famous for its virgin nature and a huge number of unique birds, animals and plants.

For fans of architecture and history, Vienna, Regensburg, Bratislava and small cozy towns with a rich past will be interesting.


The South American waterway is called the “queen of the rivers,” and this is clearly not in vain. The largest pool is precisely in the Amazon, and there is also a myriad of the most unimaginable species of fish and animals. For example, only in the Amazon can you find pink river dolphins, as well as the most predatory fish on the planet – piranha.

Around the river – picturesque jungle, rainforests, which are an amazing sight. There are still tribes of South American Indians who carefully observe ancient traditions.

The Amazon is also famous for trophy fishing: here they pay for pajce – the second largest river fish in the world, arapaim and many other large fish.


The longest river in the world flows from the north of Africa to the south through several countries. Naturally, the Nile received the greatest fame thanks to the history of Ancient Egypt, which literally grew on its shores.

In the fertile valley in the lower reaches of the Nile, which gave birth to the ancient Egyptian civilization, the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx have been preserved. River cruises are also unusual in that you can go down the river in traditional Egyptian boats – feluks.


“The River of Nine Dragons” is the name of the Mekong in Vietnam. Beautiful water surface, hundreds of canals with rice fields – all this is an exotic eastern river.

The shores of the Mekong are covered with green palm trees, through which pagodas and tiny villages peer every now and then. There are also flooded forests, mountains with green cover, picturesque thickets of water lilies and authentic settlements with river markets on boats.

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