10 shoe trends for SS 2021


“Give me the shoe and I will draw a human!” – Pablo Picasso once said and he was damn right. A good pair of shoes will sometimes tell a lot more about its owner than his biography or a CV.

According to the unspoken yachting rule, you need to board the ship without shoes. This is because the teak deck is very delicate, so it “does not tolerate” high heels, black soles that leave marks, or other scratching fashion items. Therefore, most of the proposed trends will have to be left on racks on the berth or in special baskets in the cockpit if the yacht is planned to go out to the sea. In any case, there is no chance for your footwear to stay unnoticed. For sure, your pair will be closely examined by all the guests on the yacht. So what are the fashion trends for spring/summer 2021?

Kitten Heels

This season, designers have paid a lot of attention to shoes with miniature heels. The trend will be a square heel, a glass heel or a very miniature stiletto heel. Convenient and elegant at the same time! And what is important, such shoes are very combinatorial and versatile – they can be worn both with cropped jeans or culottes, shorts or midi skirts.

Square toes

Back in the fall collections of last year, this trend became popular when the shoes and the ankle boots with square toes appeared on the catwalks. The trend continues in 2021. Shoes, sandals, square-toed boots began to appear at many designers’ catwalks, paying tribute to the fashion of the 90s.

Sabot and clogs

“Greetings from the Middle Ages” bursts into the spring/summer 2021 with the clogs. That is not the first time, when these wooden shoes, which a couple of centuries ago were worn mainly by peasants and beggars, appear in the fashion-mongers’ wardrobes. Rough shoes will become an integral part of stylish looks this summer. Practicality played an important role in their coming back: thanks to the massive sole, you won’t get bothered by rainy days, because the legs are reliably protected from puddles and dirt.

High Platform

For the same reason, sandals with large and massive soles are gaining popularity. They will look great in combination with dresses and sundresses, as well as with trouser suits. At the same time, designers choose bright colors for these models.


An unusual variety of sandals are offered by designers this summer: gladiatorial, woven, decorated with various ornaments, graceful ankle straps or pearls. You can find and choose the right ones for any taste.


At one time, women defended the right to wear trousers among men, and more recently, Oxfords – shoes that are not at all feminine. Strict and not, elegant and slightly pretentious, with or without heels – there are a lot of options. In modern fashion, where the boundaries of classics and sports have become obscenely blurred, they fit almost any clothing.

Androgyny shoes

The global trend, where women are fighting for equality, and feminism affects different areas of life, has spread to the world of fashion. In recent years, a lot of women’s shoes began to appear in the classic masculine style. And what’s important: girls in loafers, chelsea or brogues look no less elegant than men wearing them.

Roughly the same process overtook men’s shoes, where low heels, floral prints or shades which were completely uncharacteristic for men began to appear.

New life for flip flops

Designers have breathed new life into ordinary flip flops this season. And again “the same song”: convenience and comfort are the most important things. Therefore, rough boots give way to flip flops in the new season. What might have seemed unacceptable at official events 10 years ago is now completely appropriate.

If you still want to take a change of shoes along to the yacht, then, first of all, you should pay attention to the models with non-slip and light soles, alike top siders. They are somewhat similar to moccasins, and thanks to the grooved sole, slip is reduced, which means they can provide reliability, safety and, of course, a stylish look on board. And what is most important, they are well-deserved yachting classics and are still at the peak of popularity! A variety of models is offered by almost all well-known brands.

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