New Atlantis: Top 5 Places Disappearing From Earth


Movement is the law of life. The moon replaces the sun, while wastelands appear in the places of once flourishing empires. Unfortunately, we can’t affect the course of events. Yet, we are within our right to visit all the incredibly beautiful places that, quite possibly, will disappear from the map of Earth in the nearest future.

Top 5 endangered places on Earth worth visiting

  1. Australian barrier reef

The great coral reef encircles the northeast coast of Australia Island and lasts over 2,500 kilometers long. The corals themselves act as a home to hundreds of thousands of marine inhabitants. Sounds amazing, right? Yet, the forecasts of scientists are far away from being optimistic. According to the latest research, the world’s largest coral reef is already a quarter bleached. Coral bleaching and coral destruction always go hand in hand. Will humanity be able to act up so to preserve the island pearl? We don’t know. Yet, if humanity fails, the reef will disappear by 2030. Have you ever been dreaming of kangaroo, a scattering of stars in the desert or a majestic coral reef? If so, act up. The time is ripe to make your dreams come true.

  1. Venice

The Italian city of sonnets, canals and gondolas is on the verge of extinction. Scientists are already raising the alarm. The pearl of Italy goes under water by five millimeters annually. We will definitely have time to enjoy the sunset over the Adriatic. In the 22nd century, though, are predicted to see the Venice. The Italian government does not seem to give up. The authorities plan to limit visits to the city in order to build new dams to replace the ancient damp beams.

  1. Maldives

Just like Venice, the paradise islands are slowly but surely sinking into the water. Why is that so? The Maldives Republic is the lowest state on the planet. The highest point of the archipelago barely exceeds sea level by two and a half meters. Given the rising water levels in the world’s oceans, the Maldivian government is facing a truly daunting challenge. The President of the Republic has announced that the Maldives will start buying ground from the other countries. The forecasts of scientists, though, remain disappointing. In just a century, a person will no longer inhabit the island. Speaking about us, we can still manage to enjoy the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean.

  1. The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is dying. And this, unfortunately, is not a joke. Today, the water level in the Dead Sea drops by one millimeter annually. Due to the developed industry of the minerals extraction and the active use of 80% of the tributaries flowing into the Dead Sea, the groundwater level has dropped critically. In just the last hundred years, the sea level has decreased by 25 meters. Unfortunately, such trend is gaining momentum. If a miracle does not happen, the Dead Sea will have no more than 50 years of life.

  1. Madagascar

Haven’t got a selfie with a lemur? The time is ripe to plat your trip. The island of striped lemurs, unique plants and wild jungle is also on the verge of extinction. The flora and fauna of the island is truly unique as 80% of the plants growing in the Madagascar tropics are endemic. Read, such plants can only be found in Madagascar. It seems rational that people should make every effort to preserve such a pearl. However, poaching and the constant deforestation of rainforests are on the rise. If we do not give up the love for quick profit for the common good, the Madagascar with all its inhabitants will disappear from the map in as few as 35 years.

Which place would you like to save most? Are you making any efforts to improve the ecology of the Earth? Do you care about the future of our planet at all? Drop a comment below and let’s have a discussion.


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