AKO Trike: electric tricycle with carcase tilt system


The future of vehicles is still rather vague, but some startups are raising the curtain of mystery and presenting their own vision of the cars of the future. Among them is the Lithuanian AKO Trike, working to create a unique tricycle.

A five-member team has been working on developing a vehicle for five years. The first prototype of the tricycle was equipped with an internal combustion engine from BMW, however, to date, the second prototype has already been tested, which will be guided by the production of AKO Trike on order.

The current AKO Trike concept assumes the presence of three wheels, an electric motor with a large power reserve on a single charge (more than 300 km) and light weight. In addition, the startup promises a patented carcase tilt system in turn, which will help pass it without the slightest effort.

The double trike will have a light and transparent composite body on a complex frame, car seats with four-point seat belts (so far it is possible to place the seats only one after the other), front and side airbags, as well as a special steering mechanism that allows you to tilt the cab 30 degrees .

Developers are currently patenting tilt carcase system internationally, as this is their know-how. The device is based on pure mechanics and allows the tricycle to tilt only due to the tilt of the steering shaft, and at low speeds the wheels rotate directly, like any other car.

The output power of the tricycle will be approximately 200 kW, and the mass – not more than 500 kg. In this case, the driver will be able to fully control the movement of the vehicle, as well as make more accurate turns than on a conventional motorcycle due to the possibility of tilting the body.

After finalizing the second prototype, AKO Trike plans to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for mass production, but for now they are accepting no deposit orders for a tricycle.




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