Captain Nemo’s house: what does the first luxury underwater residence look like?


Being under water has long ceased to be something out of the ordinary, and from the moment the scuba was invented, there was an occasion for attempts to build a dwelling at the bottom of the sea like the legendary captain Nemo. Indeed, why not: the fish are not noisy neighbors, and the sea depths are rich in incredible landscapes. Here is just one problem – people can still breathe underwater using special equipment to a limited extent.

But everything (or almost everything) is possible in the Maldives – in the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort you can feel a pleasant neighborhood with the underwater world thanks to the new luxury residence Muraka (“Coral”), located at a depth of five meters in the ocean.

The underwater part of the structure stands at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, and the surface takes up only one floor. Each room – with panoramic glazing, so that all guests of the residence (no more than 9 people) could appreciate the beauty of the kingdom of Neptune without leaving the rooms.

Architects and builders have accomplished the almost impossible by carefully fitting the entire structure into the ecological system of the coral reef and without disturbing its balance. That’s why the main designer of the project Muraka, Ahmed Salim, calls it the main achievement of his life.

For the construction of the residence, the best technologies were used, as well as several unique developments, the concepts of which were not even disclosed. However, the design principle remained the same as when creating the world’s first underwater restaurant – a curved acrylic dome with a panoramic view of 180 degrees.

But the designers did not forget about those who like a more traditional holiday, making the surface part of the residence an embodiment of luxury. The floor consists of 2 bedrooms, a living room, a butler’s room, a small gym and two terraces facing west and east, so that not a single ray of sunshine is missed.

Naturally, the price of the residence includes some exclusive services. For example, you can introduce yourself as a director and make a documentary about the life of marine life on a reef or attend a master class by the famous chef Jeremy Leung. Also included in the price are butler services, transfer and other pleasant things.

Of course, it’s still a long way to strolling slowly along the seabed, but living in the midst of the vibrant tropical inhabitants of the reef and enjoying the light silence of the water column will work. It remains only to have time to book such a unique accommodation, because it is gaining incredible popularity in the Maldives.



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