Conqueror of the Poles: Ulysse Nardin DiverX Antarctica


Snow-white divers seem to be part of the polar ice themselves.

The southernmost land was mentioned by Aristotle in his book Meteorology. It is expected that Antarctica inspired many travelers to find ways to it, as well as explore uncharted lands. The mystery of the Antarctic glaciers cannot be expressed in words and images, but the spirit of this harsh and beautiful continent is felt in any thing connected with it.

The manufacture of Ulysse Nardin, with the support of Vendée Globe, the world’s only non-stop regatta of single yachts, and the famous British photographer Sebastian Copeland, who has devoted Antarctica for more than 10 years of life, has created a new watch model that reflects the beauty of the continent of permafrost – Diver X Antarctica.

The works of Sebastian Copeland are known all over the world, like his books – a real acquaintance with the southernmost continent, and the photographer set three world records, having spent 82 days in captivity in the icy desert. Ulysse Nardin’s Diver X Antarctica expresses the deep respect and love for Earth that Copeland calls for.

The Antarctica of the Diver X collection is dedicated to modern seekers, dreamers and travelers on their journey. By its appearance, the “diver” personifies the harsh beauty of the pristine nature of the most southern continent of the Earth, as it was captured by the lens of Sebastian Copeland. A 44 mm case made of titanium, waterproof up to 300 meters, surrounds a stylish dial with an X-shaped pattern in the center. X is a tribute to the spectacular slogan of the manufactory “We Xplore. We Xcite. We Xist. We Are Ulysse ”(with alliteration in English“ X ”), taken into service several years ago.

The accents of ice blue on the dial symbolize icebergs, and this is complemented by a snow-white turning bezel and rubber corrugated insert, and even the luminescent coating of the two central hands symbolizes the purity and radiance of Antarctic snow.

In addition to the main time hands, the dial has a power reserve indicator for 12 hours and a date window at 6 o’clock. The heart of the Ulysse Nardin Diver X Antarctica is the manufactory caliber UN-118 with silicone release and a power reserve of 60 hours.

On the back cover there is an engraving depicting the route of the Vendée Globe regatta and the coordinates of Antarctica: 90 ° longitude without indicating latitude – it simply does not exist at the South Pole.

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