Extraordinary things on a yacht


When it comes to outfitting a superyacht, you can’t really tell what should be on board. It all depends on the personality of the owner and his wishes. It can be exotic interior items, unusual transport, or a reflection of some hobby. Below is a selection of interesting things to see on modern superyachts.

Grand piano and automatic piano

Superyacht owners often love music and usually don’t mind when their favorite musical instruments cruise with them to entertain guests. Many pianos are custom-made to blend seamlessly with existing interiors. For example, the showroom at Lurssen ‘Kismet’ has just such an elegant musical instrument. The monolithic frame has been carefully designed to preserve the clarity of the piano sound while also serving as a bar. In shape, this installation resembles a huge copper mushroom, the surface of which shines with glare of light.

Another piece of art can be found aboard the Abeking and Rasmussen ‘Amaryllis’. The Schimmel Pegasus grand piano is an incredible fantasy of leading German designers and craftsmen, brought to life. The name of this miracle is also borrowed from mythology – the piano was named after the winged horse Pegasus. Professor Luigi Colani reimagined the traditional 88 keys and gave the classic grand piano a futuristic yet organic form with a few virtuoso additions.

The Pegasus has no sharp edges, just streamlined lines, including a curved keyboard. By the way, the lid of the instrument can be controlled not in the old fashioned way by hand, but with the help of electronics. For example, while playing, the pianist adjusts the sound level by raising or closing it. The very shape of such a grand piano remotely resembles the car of the future, so the illusion is created that the performer is not playing the instrument, but that he is driving a car from the future.

Well, what if there is no musical education, but you really want your own music hall on board? The Goldfinch Sygnet, as the new creation of Goldfinch is called, is the most compact grand piano in the world. It is equipped with Virtuoso technology – the instrument can play tunes automatically, just like an automatic piano. Like most premium grand pianos, they are hand made only to order and are individually tailored to each yacht.

Wine Cellar

Part of the joy of yachting is enjoying the chef’s culinary delights. And, of course, a good wine list. For this, many superyachts have on board not only a wine refrigerator, but even a whole “cellar”, which is provided at the design stage of the yacht.

For example, on the 107-meter Kleven ‘Andromeda’ you expect to see a spacious garage for all kinds of watercraft and other attributes of a research yacht. But a full-fledged enoteca is already a real wow effect. This is not just a storage for wine, but a real wine hall, where you can taste a glass before dinner.

Aboard the 111-meter Lurssen ‘Tis’, wine racks stretch along a corridor overlooking … the engine room. Therefore, the journey from cabin to saloon can be an exciting journey into the world of Chateau Haut-Brion or exploring a range of other equally exquisite wines. At Delta ‘Endless Summer’, the extensive wine collection was given a special status. Climbing the stairs to the upper deck, you will immediately stumble upon the collection, which is located behind a glass wall with special climate control. Soft lighting, dark wood shelving and perfect symmetry of bottle holders that rise from floor to ceiling make for a mesmerizing experience. Along with the paintings and sculptures that are on the boat, this collection of wines attracts just as much attention.

The wine cellar aboard Rossinavi Aurora was a key point in the design phase. This glass display is a key feature of the yacht’s main deck lobby, which her interior designer Achille Salvagni calls the “heart of the yacht”. Originally the layout had a wine cellar in a different location, but each time the owner focused on the wine cellar, it was decided to give him a centerpiece on board. A special computer regulates the illumination so that the wine does not succumb to unnecessary “radiation”.

A yacht is a reflection of the owner’s taste. What would you like to have on a yacht?

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