Feadship: concepts of the future


Dutch shipbuilder Feadship has shared some fantastic concepts in a series of Feadship Unveils video presentations. What makes them unique? Yes, in that initially some of them were created for imaginary clients! For example, for Freddie Mercury and Forrest Gump. They turned out to be very successful and it is quite possible that very soon they will find their owner. Let’s talk about the most unusual and memorable projects.

Project FG

One of the most interesting ideas was implemented in the FG project. The 109-meter vessel was created for the same fictional combination of Freddie Mercury and Forrest Gump, and received the abbreviation FG – Freddie Gump.

The bright exterior with its “honeycomb” glass and orange tint reminds of the favorite accessory of the Queen singer – sunglasses with such reflective glasses. Also, when creating the yacht, they were guided by the character of Mercury, who loved to throw parties and large-scale parties. That is why up to 300 people could be on board the Project FG at the same time. To convey the mood of crazy and unbridled fun, a multi-level beach club was located at the stern. In addition to the steps to the water, there is space for a large pool and Jacuzzi.

The Feadship FG project also includes a mysterious “gentlemen’s” club hidden in the bow of the yacht. They promise that the search process, as well as the ritual of entering it, will become an additional and exciting entertainment.

In contrast to the stormy fun and “noisy” component of the yacht, there will be a table tennis court, which Forrest Gump loved so much. The “court” will emerge from below deck and will be covered with a glass dome so that it can be played in any weather.

The Panoramic Upper Deck Piano Lounge is the place where the two characters of the yacht come together. Here you can both set the tone with live music and watch the measured and calm landscapes through panoramic windows. If this yacht is ever built, the Feadship FG will be able to accommodate 22 guests.

Project 3073

What can an exceptionally fast Feadship look like and what design features will be included? For example, this could be a 63-meter concept with an aluminum hull and superstructure called Project 3073. The sporty superyacht has sleek and fast lines while maintaining an elegant profile. The vessel will have an unusual open-plan wheelhouse and a huge pool with a transparent bottom, the light from which will fill the lower deck with sunlight.

Feadship architects also made sure that there was a serious technical component behind the sporty exterior. The power plant will be represented by water-jet engines, rather than classic propellers. That is why the Feadship 3073 will be able to reach a maximum speed of 30 knots. Any additional details regarding the number of guests on board, cabins and other entertainment have not yet been disclosed, but let’s hope that soon there will be someone willing to build this custom yacht.

Project Escape

Feadship Escape is a project in which a huge number of “green” technologies can be implemented. Although it was conceived even more than five years ago, all eco-chips are still relevant today. For example, it was planned to install 700 square meters of solar panels on board a 110-meter vessel, and taking into account the hybrid power plant, such a yacht could reduce fuel consumption by up to 35 percent. In addition, an intelligent air recovery system would save energy for cooling and heating the interior. In a huge conservatory under a glass dome, one could not only enjoy flowering plants, but also pick fresh vegetables and fruits and serve them to the table.

In the bow, a helipad for the myCopter is planned. In addition, a hangar is hidden under it, where the helicopter will call during transitions or repairs.

But the most exciting part of the project is the sinking bottom pool with adjustable water level. A large-scale wellness center with a massage room, sauna and gym will be adjacent to it. If you look at the pool from above, you will notice that its bowl is made in the form of a cylinder that goes through all 5 decks. You can estimate its scale either from an elevator with panoramic windows or from … a submarine! Yes, you can dive without even leaving the pool, which a potential owner may want to do very soon.

Feadship x Merveille: Project Wing Yacht

And finally, let’s talk about a hybrid vessel that combines sail-motor technologies. Feadship in cooperation with Merveille Yachting presented an unusual concept – the 77-meter Eco-Explorer. A key feature of the project will be the unique winged mast design. She will be ready to go several times faster than a classic sail system – all thanks to computer control. Also, the yacht will be built from lightweight materials and will require less fuel.

Wings and underwater turbines will also be used to generate energy – for this, wind turbines and solar panels will be placed on board. The shipyard also thought about how to reduce the cost of air conditioning: special tubular structures will provide better circulation in all rooms. In normal winds, the average cruising speed is 18 knots and the maximum speed is 25.

It remains to be hoped that such concepts will be implemented and the future from Feadship is not far off.

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