Floating hotels: away from the hustle


Tuscan villas surrounded by lavender fields are classy. Floating hotels, on the contrary, is a fresh and vibrant trend. And what to do if you don’t have a possibility to sail on yacht but you wish to get this feeling again? Yes, having a vacation at the floating hotel which is probably the most luxurious way to spend a weekend. From mysterious Japan to colorful Tanzania, we digest top five floating hotels globally.

OFF Paris Seine, France
Placed in as few as two kilometers from Notre Dame Cathedral and the Pompidou Center, the resort is the true hallmark of Paris. It is the first floating hotel in the capital. The rooms offer breathtaking views on the banks of the Seine. That’s the right place to laugh, dance, kiss and fall in love with life. And also, dock yachts. Fortunately, that is also available. A French-style breakfast is served in the lounge bar from 6.30 am to midday. Can you think of something more enjoyable than eating a fresh, crispy croissant and drinking a hot espresso while watching the Seine? On weekends, the hotel serves a brunch with classic French cuisine, a variety of pastries, local cheeses and fresh juices. Do you think that’s all? Themed jazz parties are thrown three times a week.

The Float House River Kwai Resort, Thailand
The unique resort is built right on the River Kwai. It is surrounded by the lush green tropical jungle and picturesque mountains of Sayok. The architectural concept of the hotel is Thai folk. The latter is characterized by pointed, multi-tiered roofs and an abundance of wood in the decor. Anyone who books a room, here gets an access to a private sun terrace with loungers. Once you’ve had a plate of tropical fruit for breakfast, you should have a refreshing swim. By the way, you can jump into the water right from your porch! The hotel organises bamboo rafting, jungle treks and excursions to the elephant camp.

The Manta Resort, Tanzania
The Tanzanian hotel is famous for its underwater villas. Yes, you read that correctly. The sleeping rooms of the floating villas are built underwater! That means you can watch red corals and colorful fish right from your bed. Isn’t it better than a TV? The unique resort is located on Pemba, a picturesque island that was uninhabited until the sultans of Zanzibar planted it with carnations. By the way, 70% of this spice is still growing on the island. Giant lobsters sprinkled with lemon juice, grilled antelope fillets and even crocodile steak – Pembe Island will be a real boon for those who want to feel, enjoy and get surprised by life.

Salt & Sill, Sweden
Sweden’s first floating hotel is located on Kladesholmen Island, a 45-minute drive from Gothenburg. The resort’s rooms offer breathtaking panoramic views of the Bohuslän archipelago. Delicious shrimp, amazing orange sunsets and relaxing boat trips are guaranteed. By the way, the rooms are performed in colorful contemporary design, which gives the hotel its unique charm.

Guntu, Japan
The luxury floating boutique hotel Gynt was designed by Japanese architect Yasube Horibe. When stepping into the rooms, you can immediately feel the restraint characteristic of the country’s style. The design is full of freshness and simplicity of lines. The floating hotel makes small cruises in the Japanese Inland Sea. In total, there are nineteen luxurious rooms, indoor and outdoor lounge areas, and a bar. Romantic dinners with fresh grilled seafood, new experiences and mesmerizing views of Japan are just to name a few benefits on booking a room, at Guntu.

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