Glass train G-Train


While many are trying to go into space, French designer Thierry Gauguin has thrown his energies into creating the ground transport of the future. Private superyachts and airplanes, submarines and even small spaceships have been actively developed and used for more than one year. The G-Train, on the other hand, could be the world’s first private luxury train.

Thierry Gauguin is a longtime partner of Philippe Starck, who has been involved in the design of iconic superyachts such as the 79m Feadship Venus for Steve Jobs and the 119m Blohm + Voss Yacht A. He also presented the futuristic concept of the 120m Project L. But his whole life he was fascinated by trains.

“There is something fantastic about trains. There are many romantic ideas associated with them and I don’t think they are a relic of a bygone era. Trains are the future and the present, ”said Thierry Gauguin. “When it comes to transport, there is nothing more environmentally friendly than trains. The plane cannot withstand competition in this matter, and other means are very energy-intensive. ”

In the 400-meter private G-Train project, the master suite will be located at the head end, followed by 18 compartment apartments, a gym, SPA, garden, dining car, and a reception room where art exhibitions can be held. , enjoy live music concerts or film screenings.

But the main highlight will be that the ceiling and walls of all 14 cars will be made of smart glass. At the touch of a button, the smart glass can change the degree of transparency, and with the help of digital projection, any guest can apply various visual effects. “It may be winter outside, but the owner may suddenly be surrounded by a beautiful summer day with flowers and meadows,” Gauguin said. “Basically, the train is a stage that you can customize in many different ways.” At night, the entire train will radiate a golden glow.

Folding sections allow you to create open terraces for outdoor dining or special occasions. Gauguin also developed a separate garage car for storing cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. If guests, traveling in a certain area, want to visit different cities, the G-Train can be divided into two parts and used as two autonomous trains.

Gauguin sees the train, which is said to be worth $ 350 million, as a way to enjoy the journey. “We tend to think of rail only in terms of speed, where we move people from point A to point B in record time. But this train of 14 cars will belong to one owner. This is an alternative, very leisurely way to see the world beyond the yacht and the plane. “

According to Gauguin, after a buyer is found, it will take at least two and a half years to build such a “glass palace on rails.” He has already held talks with British engineering firm Eckersley O’Callaghan, Swiss train manufacturer Stadler and French glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain to bring the project closer to reality and ensure the project is technically feasible.

It is possible that the G train will soon be able to travel on the railways of America, Europe and Asia.

Photo by Thierry Gauguin

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