“Hyperboat” Persico F70: new from Pininfarina


Pininfarina Nautical teamed up with Carkeek Design Partners and Persico Marine to create a unique project called Persico F70. It is intended to become unique in terms of characteristics and design, and how its creators position it – a “hyperboat”. The project was first mentioned in March 2020, and now more details have appeared.

The Persico F70 received a hydrofoil hull. It is designed in such a way that the vessel “hovers” above the water, developing high speeds. This project can be both the perfect racing yacht for a regatta and the right sailing pleasure boat with interesting designs, comfortable interiors and incredible exteriors. Its hull is made of composite materials, so the boat is very lightweight.

Pininfarina has worked extensively with Carkeek Design Partners to design both exterior lines and interior spaces. After all, the goal of the Persico F70 is an innovative and pioneering model among 70ft yachts. And the collaboration intends to do this not only with hydrofoil technology, but also with unique style and elegance.

“Adopting the hydrofoil technology used in the regatta to achieve the high speeds, superior design and performance of a pleasure yacht is an exciting challenge that we shared with Carkeek Design Partners and Pininfarina,” said Marcello Persico, President of Persico Marine.

“The F70 will be an unparalleled yacht,” said Sean Karkeek, lead designer at Carkeek Design Partners. “The hydrofoil, borrowed from the IMOCA60, will support a lift bar like the AC75. Thus, the boat will be able to reach full “flight” mode with a wind speed of only 10 knots, without falling to the leeward side of the hull. What’s more, the fenders will be fully liftable to allow the F70 to dock with ease. The yacht will use the same CFD and VPP software that can be found on IMOCA and AC75. ”


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