Interiors of the future: trends in a superyacht’s world


Modern yachts are a triumph of engineering and aesthetics. The main parameter, of course, continues to be safety, the use of the latest technologies and ergonomics. But even with an eye on a number of technical issues, the interior should ideally fit the lifestyle of the future owner and his idea of beauty. And since yacht building is one of the most innovative and rapidly developing, it is important to pay attention to global trends, so as not to be considered a person devoid of taste.

So, what will be relevant in 2021. We have selected the most promising directions and trends for you.

Wellness living – a trend towards a healthy lifestyle

The trend of physical and mental well-being has become increasingly rooted in trends in recent years. Superyachts were originally created for relaxation and enjoyment, but Nuvolari Lenard design bureau is confident that they can be made even more stylish and in line with the concept of wellness. They suggest moving from bombastic and isolated areas to more informal and open spaces.

The main idea is to get away from many small, separated from each other premises, which are often idle and not used. The designers proposed a new concept where the dining room, salon and lounge will become a single space flooded with light. The interior will be executed in light shades that can emphasize the spaciousness and relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to pleasant and healthy leisure, this trend also meets the popular request from yacht owners today – creating a space in which all guests will feel as relaxed as possible. Imagine that instead of bulky chairs and pompous dining rooms, guests can run on the track or swim in the pool at the same time while other family members watch a movie, chat in the lounge next door, or enjoy breakfast in the casual dining room. Formal dining and clear zoning are becoming a thing of the past, giving way to light and informal communication.

Cooking performances

A good meal in the fresh air, shared with pleasant company, is an invariable attribute of relaxation on the water. Dining areas are key to the interior. However, pleasure can be obtained not only from eating, but also from observing the professional work of chefs. Steininger Designs has unveiled a “mobile galley” – a minimalist and high-tech island where real food shows can take place!

Natural materials

The fashion for environmental friendliness and proximity to nature is reflected in the best way in the interiors of superyachts. Safe, recyclable materials look expensive and stylish. Natural wood, metal, glass, genuine leather – all these materials only increase their positions. The corresponding palette also helps to maintain the eco-trend – soft natural shades are used. With the help of successful color schemes, you can also visually zone the room.

Lot of glass

Recent years have seen a boom in the use of glass, both for exteriors and interiors. The percentage of glazing and its presence in superstructures is growing exponentially every year. For example, the yacht Excellence, built by the Abeking and Rasmussen shipyard, is amazing with a unique mirrored superstructure. Each panel is curved in multiple directions at once to create a seamless feel. This solution not only makes the exterior of the ship more futuristic, but also allows you to admire the incredible views.

The material is also widely used in interior decoration. Tinted glass instead of curtains, glass walls and partitions, as well as stylish stained glass – a nod to the 70s fashion, which is also in trend now. For example, on board Feadship PI you will not find a single curtain, but as soon as the owner needs more privacy – by pressing a button on the remote control, the glass changes its transparency, hiding the inhabitants of the yacht from prying eyes in the yacht club.

Another advantage of using glass partitions instead of the usual walls is demonstrated by the interior of the master cabin on the Riva Race. Thanks to this approach, the room visually seems more spacious, filled with light and air.

Design functionality

It is important to remember about the specifics of the yacht interior, which implies high feasibility and functionality. Dickie Bannenberg notes that aesthetics and engineering should be part of the same process, not two parallel disciplines. He illustrates this approach with an analogy with fashion – even the most beautiful fabric will not save a poorly cut suit. The principle of “luxury for the sake of luxury” is long gone, and it has been replaced by more minimalistic and functional solutions. Today designers offer their clients fundamentally new concepts.

A space that unites people with different interests, but at the same time allows them to enjoy their leisure time together, taking advantage of the latest advances in technology and fashion – that’s the main trend of the coming years.

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