Into orbit in comfort: what will the interior of the spacecraft look like for space tourists?


In an effort to conquer space, humanity is difficult to stop – every day there are more and more inventions, devices and even whole spaceships. Some ships are not at all intended for the purposes of the largest space powers, but rather the opposite – for ordinary wealthy mortals who want to become tourists in a vast and immense space.

Virgin Galactic has been working for several years to create a spacecraft capable of delivering galactic tours to orbit. The company recently revealed what the futuristic interior of the VSS Unity ship would look like.

The design was developed by Virgin Galactic in conjunction with London-based design studio Seymourpowell and is truly amazing. Sandy, blues and grays hint at deserts and oceans, and the suits from Under Armor are the same colors.

Contrary to popular belief, the creation of a “space jet” began not with the hull or the engine, but with the interior – according to Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic, a model of the ship was actually built around the interior.

VSS Unity passengers will be placed in personal seats, the ergonomics of which will be individually designed according to the anatomical features of each space traveler. Chairs will have to provide comfort during overload, and in zero gravity, and gravity. There are 12 portholes on the ceiling to allow business class travelers to gaze at the stars as they fly.

The cabin is equipped with contour LED lighting that changes color depending on the phase of flight and until completely shut down when Unity reaches the point farthest from Earth. The same illumination is at the portholes, it is designed to help tourists hold on to the rims in a state of weightlessness. A huge mirror is installed in the rear of the ship, thanks to which it will be possible to see the entire cabin and astrotourists soaring in zero gravity.

The cost of the spacecraft is not yet known exactly, but Virgin Galactic says it will exceed $ 250,000. VSS Unity will be used not only for tourism, but also for space exploration, so its purpose cannot be called purely commercial. Nevertheless, the interior looks as if the tourist will just travel for several hours in business class.

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