Levi Designs and PMP revive the iconic boat


The G-Fifty project was officially presented last year, but only now the architects have unveiled images of the exterior and interior. The design project of the 14-meter boat was developed by Levi Designs and PMP Design. Levi Designs is one of the world leaders in the design of high-speed yachts, and since 2014 they have been working in tandem with PMP Design, presenting several joint projects.

The first sketches of the G-Fifty appeared back in 2016, when Sonny Levy designed a new ultra-efficient hull with outstanding seaworthiness. When creating this project, the designers were inspired by boats from the past. The legendary motor boat G-Cinquanta, built back in 1967 by Sonny Levy, was taken as a basis.

It was created for Gianni Agnelli, the president of the FIAT automobile concern.

Its name is also not accidental: G is the first letter of the owner’s name, and Cinquanta means “fifty” in translation, which in this case corresponds to a maximum speed of 50 knots, emphasizing the dynamic nature of the boat.

At the same time, architects are introducing modern technologies. For example, the body of the G-Fifty will be made of carbon fiber. The power plant, originally installed on the G-Cinquanta, consisted of four BPM Vulcanos, each with 400 hp. And the new G-Fifty combines extreme speed and performance without sacrificing elegance and luxury. Top speed with a pair of Mercury Racing 1100s can reach 78 knots!

Martin Levy, son of Sonny Levy, talks about the modern version of the boat:

“The philosophy of Levi Designs has always been to place a special emphasis on the boat’s performance so that it can reach high speeds, but the deck remains dry. Performance is also important, including balancing speed and fuel consumption. And, of course, we have kept the connection between the past and the present – just look at the smoothed low sides and the shape of the hull.

The lower deck has an unusual layout. It looks a bit like a space shuttle: the guest area at the entrance is equipped with sofas opposite each other. On the right side – amenities, on the left – storage space. In the bow there is a sleeping place, which is located in a common space, but it is possible that it can be made autonomous.

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The G-Fifty project was officially presented last year,


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