Maldives you have not seen before. The best yachting spots


Gentle swaying of palms, luxury underwater restaurants, snow-white beaches and deep-blue lagoons. How is possible to resist? The time is ripe to discover the best yachting destinations in the paradise of the Maldives.

When is the best time for a visit?

Being located on the equator, the Maldives has a stable annual temperature of 30 ° C. The peak of the yachting season, though, is between December and March. It is during these months that you are guaranteed clear weather, no winds and, of course, tropical showers, at least prolonged. Reduced humidity and lower average temperatures also contribute to successful yachting. Therefore, we suggest that you plan your trip well and, possibly, set sail already in December this year.

The best yachting destinations in the Maldives

The Maldives is a huge, green archipelago that consists of nearly 1200 islands, only 200 of which are inhabited. Most superyachts start their charter from the colorful capital of Male, which has an international airport and well-developed infrastructure.

Travelling to North Male, you can see huge stingrays, while Huvafen Fushi offers treatments at the Pearl Underwater Spa. Just imagine, you are being given a massage, and at this time a flock of colorful fish is having fun literally a meter away. Near Ari Atoll, you can do diving and observe hammerhead sharks. One more shark, this time whale, can be found near the numerous islands of the Baa Atoll, which is under the protection of UNESCO. By the way, it is worth checking the level of emissions of your yacht into the atmosphere, since the environmental requirements are very serious here. There are islands where the authentic Maldives have survived, with their pristine nature and Buddhist culture. There are also a lot of Robinson Crusoe style islands, where you can see nothing but palms and ocean. Indeed, the Maldives has a truly endless number of cruise routes. Check out our recommendations for where to go in Baa Atoll and South Male.

Baa Atoll

Going to explore Baa Atoll, you need to remember that its main value is the diversity of the underwater world and corals. Here you can admire fish of all the colors and sizes, stingrays, sharks and even green turtles, the capture of which is strictly prohibited. The atoll includes over 40 uninhabited islands that makes it a true paradise for divers and windsurfing.

Check out Amilla Fushi, one of the top resorts in the archipelago. Here, among the jungle and corals, you can both relax and have fun. The hotel’s dazzling white, ultra-modern villas differ radically from a typical Maldivian style. Villas contrast brightly with the wild, lush green thickets of the atoll and the azure waters of the ocean. The cocktail bar, which overlooks peachy pink sunsets, is complemented by live music in the evenings, making life as sweet as molasses. The hotel is also renowned for its wine cellar, one of the best in the archipelago.

It also makes sense to see Fulhadhoo Beach – one of the most unique places on the entire Baa Islands. There are no luxury hotels or villages of local residents. The only things you can see are the kilometers of beaches with white sands, tropical trees and a sand spit. And most importantly, there are practically no local residents or crowds of tourists from neighboring islands.

Soneva Fushi, Baa Atoll

Coming here, you leave the burden of the past behind. Get ready to walk barefoot. And it’s not a joke. The politics of this place is “No shoes – no news.” Therefore, your sandals and anxious thoughts will remain at the entrance in a special basket till the end of a trip. At first, it may seem that you are moored to a desert island. There are no massive overwater villas or noisy jet skis. Only a white beach fringed with palm trees and the singing of tropical birds. One of the island’s highlights is the vast population of black & white rabbits, which are believed to be the good spirits of the place.

If you love gourmet cuisine, then the Mediterranean-style Fresh in the Garden restaurant will be a true tropical adventure you can’t miss. In addition to the salted caramel and coconut ice cream, you can replenish your yacht’s supplies with vegetables and fruits from the local eco-friendly vegetable garden.

Como Cocoa Island

If you decide to go to South Male Atoll, which is quite possible, since the local diving is considered to be one of the best in the Maldives, make sure to visit the small island Como Cocoa. All you have to do is drop your yacht’s anchor behind the reef. The resort representatives will pick you up at a small boat and lead to a magical place, sparkling with a string of white underwater villas. In addition to the high-quality service, the resort is also famous for its giant hydrotherapy pool with flocks of tropical birds flying over it. The coastal waters are teeming with small blacktip reef sharks and large green turtles.

What interesting places for yachting in the Maldives can you recommend?

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