Methanol supercar with female name: electric Nathalie EV


“Super-sports car” uses methanol fuel cells and 4 electric motors.

Among a myriad of manufacturers of electric vehicles and startups, sometimes truly remarkable projects are encountered, for example, that using fuel cells to generate energy. These include Gumpert Aiways Automobile brand – an association of Chinese and German companies to create a revolutionary electric car.

The inspirer for the creation was Roland Gumpert (who, previously working at Audi, helped create the Quattro system), having conceived an all-wheel drive electric car that does not make you look for a place to charge and wait for it to end.

Recently, a serial version of the Gumpert Aiways Automobile named Nathalie was presented. The model is positioned as a “super-sports car” that uses methanol as fuel. The vehicle still has a battery, but it is rather a buffer between the fuel cell and four engines. That is, if more power is needed for the wheels than the fuel cell can provide, the battery transmits the necessary electricity.

The result of this dual source of electricity for engines was 536 hps. According to the company, the car can reach 100 km/h in 2.5s, and the maximum speed is 300 km / h. As you would expect from a Quattro developer product, this is an all-wheel drive car, and each wheel has its own engine.

In the eco-driving mode, a 70-liter methanol tank (this is enough to generate 140 kWh) and a battery pack of 70 kWh are enough for 850-1000 km of run. A full charge takes no more than three minutes, and the fuel cells are supplied by Blue World Technologies.

Nathalie styling is more Nissan GT-R than Lamborghini Aventador, with a roll cage and carbon chassis to create a track car that’s also at home on the street.

It is probably true that the concept of a fuel cell car will not become too widespread, but will be embodied only in niche and exclusive models due to the complexity of the design and the high probability of damage to systems (methanol is quite aggressive). Fuel supply is also problematic. The manufacturer, as a solution, proposes the creation of a network of gas stations in the cities of Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, where an electric car will be sold. For other buyers, free delivery is expected during the first year of ownership.

The price, however, has not yet been officially disclosed, but the first cars were supposed to be delivered to customers by the end of 2020.

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