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Pet on a yacht: some tips for the owner


    Often our pets are our only company on yachts. In principle, it is convenient – you do not need to leave your pet in the hands of others during the cruise, and many animals can already be considered real sailors, because they have more than one trip to the sea on the deck.

    Naturally, it is worth taking care of the entire package of documents for the pet – medical history, confirmation of vaccinations, to enter some countries – a chip and several documents are required (depending on the country).

    When taking your pet on a yacht for the first time, make sure that it will be completely safe. It can be frightened by the rocking of the yacht, the new environment, so it is better to make sure that the animal has a comfortable corner where it can hide. It is important to think over the seemingly mundane issue of the toilet – you should not expect that a dog or cat will patiently wait until you get to the nearest port. A solution in the form of a special cuvette or artificial grass would be ideal.

    Dogs and cats can, like humans, suffer from seasickness and sunburn. Therefore, it is important to provide the pet with a thick shade, where he can hide, and from motion sickness – use the medicine recommended by the veterinarian.

    To prevent the animal from falling overboard, it is worth putting on a special vest, selected individually. You can also use special teams.

    The pet will find it more comfortable to travel if the yacht has its toys, a rug or a bed, his usual food – so it quickly adapts to a new place.

    Staying on a yacht with your pet will be definitely fun and enjoyable, but first of all, you need to take care of the safety of the animal so that it does not become aggressive or panic. That is why it is worth taking all possible measures for the comfort and convenience of the animal.


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