Rattan furniture: comfy, trendy or both?


From giving up plastic to DIY, naturalness is a new black in 2020. Is it any wonder that rattan furniture is becoming so popular? Yet, where did the rattan fashion come from and how to use wicker furniture in your own decor especially in eco-friendly yacht’s interiors? Scroll down to keep up with latest trends.

The history of rattan furniture

Nothing lasts forever. Interior design trends are no exception. Back in the 50s modernism was a hype to follow. All the leading designers used modern materials such as plastic, metal, rubber and synthetic fabrics. The 70s, though, were marked by naturalness. And there was a solid reason for it. The 1973 oil crisis led to an economic downturn and massive unemployment. Society had no choice but to turn to natural materials. That was the first time the rattan furniture experienced a boom. Bamboo products, floral prints and macrame were on the rise as well. Today, in 2020, rattan and bamboo are trendy again. Why is it so? Grow eco, not ego slogan might be the answer. From sorting waste to eliminating plastic cocktail tubes, the world is changing. Just like the design.

Rattan armchairs, bamboo tables and distinctive wicker lamps are the most popular pieces of today’s interior design collections. The beach club design on superyachts today is a calm color scheme, which is dominated by beige, gray and warm white shades.

Rattan furniture: practical, trendy, both?

Rattan furniture is both practical and fashionable. First and foremost, it is completely environmentally friendly. This is exactly what makes it a trend. Secondly, it is really aesthetic in its ease and simplicity. Rattan eliminates lightness and naturalness. Smooth shapes and muted colors of such furniture emphasize the desire for freedom and pay tribute to modern eco-traditions. There is no need to change all the current furniture for the rattan elements to fit in. Mix it up. Don’t be afraid to combine rattan with glass, wood and stone.
Rattan furniture is based on an aluminum frame, which weighs so little that you can carry it around effortlessly. That’s why rattan furniture is often used on yachts: on open decks, on flybridge or on beach areas near the water. Another plus of rattan is ease of maintenance, it only needs to be wiped from dust.

Janus et Cie

For over thirty-five years at Janus et Cie, we believe that sustainability starts with quality raw materials and ends with stylish designs that stay functional for years. Janus et Cie uses both sustainable wood and craft and rattan weaving.


Although Gloster specializes in the production of high quality teak furniture, it also has a collection of rattan, wicker and powder coated aluminum in its arsenal. Each sofa, chaise longue and coffee table so that you can enjoy your vacation in the sun without fear for the safety of furniture.

Rattan furniture boomed back is 70s and is on the rise again. The material is completely eco-friendly, pleasant to touch and easy to lift. Besides, it looks really good. Rattan chairs, tables, nightstands, baskets and even lamps might spice up your home decor. Do you like rattan? Have you already got a set of rattan furniture for yourself? Drop a comment below to let us now.

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