Retro beach buggy


The summer heat is slowly disappearing, but this does not mean at all that the yachting season is over. On the contrary, you can continue to enjoy your vacation without the sweltering and scorching sun while exploring the picturesque coastal cities in such a cute buggy.

The French brand Berluti is well known in the world of luxury clothing and footwear, as well as travel leather accessories in the premium segment. Either a desire to try something new, or it was influenced by a pandemic – as a result, Berluti decided to expand its product range and created an unusual … car. More precisely, not just a car, but a beach buggy for driving along the sea and along the sand dunes.

This unusual car Berluti Buggy was built on the basis of the retro car Meyers Manx. Interestingly, the original 1964 was considered a simple, unpretentious buggy, which, according to the idea, was supposed to become a people’s car. The Berluti Buggy, on the other hand, is an exclusive specimen, with a rich finish, saturated with nostalgia for the 60s of the last century. What are those round headlights, an intricate polished exhaust pipe, and delicately cut wheel arches.

Indeed, the Berluti Buggy is more than just a collection of VW Beetle parts and Meyers Manx Dune Buggy bodywork. Its snow-white composite body hides the Beetle’s chassis and a 1600cc four-cylinder engine with a capacity of about 90 horsepower. Epernay patinated leather upholstery is literally everywhere – seats, steering wheel, dashboard. The soft top has received the Berluti monogram design without losing its functionality – it can still be equipped with a surfboard holder. There is also a Globe-Trotte case on the luggage shelf, which is gracefully wrapped in leather straps. It’s funny that in creating this car, Berluti has tailored the luggage rack to fit an existing collection of suitcases and accessories.

The Berluti Buggy weighs only 500 kilograms, so it can be easily accommodated in a yacht garage from 50 meters. Each car will be completely customizable, so you may want to add some more unusual details there. What could be better than getting ashore from your yacht and going to conquer the beach places on such a handsome man?

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