Rich Robinson: the best private islands you can buy


The rich and famous often find such a welcome solitude from the attention of the annoying press and constant busyness on private islands. Indeed, you can only get here on your own yacht, and a hospitable house will always become a cozy place for a good rest.

Of course, private islands cannot be called accessible (in every sense), but why not admire these paradises?

Mandalay Island, Florida, United States

Yacht owners looking for a tropical idyll need not look further than Mandalay Island in Stuart, 170 kilometers north of Miami Beach on the Atlantic coast of Florida. This is an island of 1.4 hectares, connected to the Sewall Point Peninsula by a private bridge – a chamber of white sand beaches and vibrant flora.

There is everything for relaxation – a house with three bedrooms in an island style, a fireplace and a large pool. Hiding in a thick green hat of vegetation, the island allows you to feel in solitude just a few minutes drive from the central district of Stuart, where there are restaurants, boutiques, and an airport for private jets.

Mandalay Island is for sale for $ 3.995 million.

Motu Moie, French Polynesia

Sailors have been fascinated by the natural beauty of the Tahiti islands for centuries, and the eight-hectare Motu Moieis likely to generate love at first sight. Situated on a lively reef surrounding Tahaa Island, famous for its vanilla, Motu Moieis the essence of relaxation. Inside the island, strewn with palm trees, there is a bungalow for the owner and three beach bungalows for guests. There is also a caretaker’s house and outbuildings. Fresh water comes from a natural well with a coral filter, and electricity comes from solar energy. Ideal for the most efficient use of turquoise waters, the sports bungalow is equipped with equipment for snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, fishing, spearfishing, water skiing and sailing.

The local village of Patio on Tahaa Island with grocery stores and doctors is within reach of kayaking, and a 25-minute tender through the lagoon will take you to Raiatea Airport with daily flights to Tahiti and Bora Bora. In addition, the famous volcanic peaks of Bora Bora are just 10 nautical miles.

Motu Moieis up for sale at Christie’s International Real Estate for $ 6.5 million.

Blue Island, Bahamas

The Blue Island Hotel is located on the edge of the Exuma Case and is one of the most expensive real estate offers in the world – and there is every reason for this. This is the largest private island available in the Bahamas, and the only one with its own runway, helipad, marina and docks.

On the Blue Island (formerly known as Hog Kay), there is a seven-bedroom main house, a guest house, a staff house and a pool. The island has power, water and communications systems, and there are more than six kilometers of roads, as well as a jogging track and a bicycle path. With snow-white beaches with palm trees and turquoise waters, the island exudes the charm that this Bahamas chain is famous for, unaffected by Dorian.

Blue Island put up for sale together at Damianos Sotheby’s International Realty for $ 75 million.

Sheephead Island, Maine, United States

Yacht owners who wish to live in the Maine Sea Harbor should visit Shiphead Island in East Penobscot Bay. A private island of 26 hectares boasts not one, but two objects with an enviable view of the Atlantic Ocean. The five-bedroom colonial-style main house is framed by a wild lupine meadow and protrudes into the bay at the northwestern point of the island. An additional four-bedroom residence is set amidst a pine forest and offers direct access to a private beach. Trails cross its wilderness, and in the middle of the island is a hidden pond.

For boats and yachts in the north-east of the island there is a deep-sea pier. But the boat will not always be necessary, since at low tide the island is connected to the Deer Island – in fact, it is a collection of islands with dams and connected to the mainland by a suspension bridge near Sargentville. The nearest village to Sheephead is Sunset on Deer Island, a picturesque summer colony where fishing and lobsters are still the main economy. Sports enthusiasts can also take advantage of the Island Country Club golf course and the Barred Island Nature Reserve hiking trails.

Sheephead Island is up for sale for $ 7.975 million.

Lataro Island, Vanuatu

This private idyll of 324 hectares, located off the coast of Espiritu Santo, among the northern islands of Vanuatu, has remained untouched for thousands of years by people. The emerald speck is home to an old rainforest and is surrounded by six kilometers of pristine reef teeming with fish and living corals.

About 90 percent of Lataro is a nature reserve and one of the last refuge for endangered coconut crab, the world’s largest land-based arthropod. Owls, eagles and parrots also consider the island a home. As a result of environmental literacy, it was sensitively developed – almost all electricity is generated by solar energy, and rain is the main source of water.

The housing was built in the last three years and includes the owner’s residence, divided into four buildings: in the Balinese style there is a large entertainment and dining area located around the pool, with a media center and office. It can also accommodate up to 18 people.

There are also opportunities for diving, fishing. There are several closed berths for boats up to 18 meters, and in the opposite bay there is a parking for yachts. A piece of land in neighboring Espiritu Santo is also available as an access point, so visitors can land right on the runway.

Lataro is currently under a 75-year lease, which lasts until 2082. It is available throughout the rental period, including boats, water toys and all furniture and equipment. Lataro Island is up for sale at a price of $ 9,995,000.

Lumber Cay, Exumas, Bahamas

Lumber Cay consists of nearly 10 hectares of pure white sand and lush vegetation. Despite the wild appearance, the optimal location of the island makes it attractive to any owner of the yacht. Surrounded by deep aquamarine waters and a sheltered bay in the west, the reef’s water perimeters are ideal for anchoring and provide an easy transition from the ship to the shore. For those who prefer to travel by air, Lumber Cay also involves a helicopter or seaplane landing.

Exumas is the whole aesthetics of Robinson Crusoe’s adventures, but at the same time very close to Staniel Cay, the largest yacht point in the region with a marina up to 65 meters. The famous places of the Bahamas, floating pigs are also in the neighborhood, while the bustling capital of the Bahamas Nassau is only 70 nautical miles. And with picturesque landscapes and a tropical climate, it is not surprising that Nicolas Cage, Shakira and Tim McGraw preferred similar islands nearby.

Lumber Cay is up for sale for $ 9.3 million.

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