Rolex Giraglia 2021


The Rolex Giraglia is a legendary sailing event. The idea of ​​the race was born back in 1952. Then the presidents of the French and Italian yacht clubs Franco Gavagnen and Beppe Croce, together with the main national council of regattas, Rene Leuvenville, gathered for dinner, discussing the idea of ​​rivalry between Italy and France.

It all started as a small competition from Saint-Tropez to Genoa: in 1953 only twenty boats took part. Gradually, the race became larger and larger, and in the late 90s it got a sponsor, which is easy to guess from the name of the cup – the Rolex Giraglia Cup. Over time, another stage was added to the competition, namely a three-day race in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. And already in 2018, the regatta began to bear the name Rolex Giraglia and won the status of the most significant large-scale event, which gathers hundreds of sailing yachts. The race is attended not only by professionals, but even amateurs. Several hundred crews from all over the world are ready to compete in a sporting event filled with excitement, play and fun. And, of course, get the main prize – a Rolex watch.

In 2021, Club Italiano Yachts changed the competition program several times. The 68th Rolex Giraglia Classic Offshore Race will feature ORC, IRC and X2 class boats. The “preparatory part” for the competition began on the evening of June 13th, when some of the yachts simultaneously leave Genoa and Saint-Tropez to arrive in San Remo on the morning of the 14th. The length of the route of the first stage is about 60 miles. And on June 16, the official start of the long Rolex Giraglia race will take place in San Remo. For the first time this year, the track will not only bend around the islet of Giralia, but also have two points along the route: at the Chretien lighthouse in the bay of Rade d’Age, and the final one at Cala del Forte, in the new port of Ventimiglia. As a rule, sailing in this geographic “triangle” is very unpredictable in terms of weather conditions, but always very exciting. The Rolex Giraglia Awards will take place on Saturday 19th June at the Italiano Yacht Club in Genoa.
Rolex Giraglia is not only spectacular, but also a responsible approach to the problems of the seas and oceans. Needless to say, most sailors would like to see our seas unpolluted and friendly to fauna, especially dolphins and whales. The Yacht Club Italiano has launched a series of eco-conscious initiatives to ensure that all crews participating in the Rolex Giraglia 2021 pay maximum attention to such important issues as reducing waste.

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