Sea, ocean, desert: the sultry beauty of Morocco


Morocco is a vibrant and multinational country, the oldest state on the African continent. It stretches at the turn of two elements: the undulating sands of the desert and the azure waters of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. This kingdom is the pearl of the Arab world and a mecca for desperate travelers.

National character

Morocco captivates with its flavor. Everything here is saturated with old traditions, warlike history and original culture of the people. And although the service is still very far from European, they can quite sincerely offer to share lunch with them, taste aromatic mint tea, and without fear let a stranger guest into their home.

Resort Agadir, “pirate” Essaouira or snow-white Casablanca – no matter where you start your acquaintance with this country, Morocco will be able to surprise anyone. Countless palaces, mosques, as well as oriental bazaars and, of course, the Sahara desert. In addition to the cultural and historical heritage, Morocco can offer both active rest for every taste and relaxation in authentic spa centers. But the main thing is that Morocco really has “a thousand and one” reasons to anchor off the coast and here’s why.

Surfing and outdoor activities

Experienced surfers know that the Moroccan Atlantic coast is worth seeing. Its length is about 1,300 kilometers, and the season lasts almost all year round. In winter, the waves are big, while summer is ideal for beginners. It is best to “catch” the wave here on the coast between Agadir and Essaouira. The undoubted advantage of Morocco as a surf destination is the many unexplored, almost wild places where a small number of people surf. Also, unlike the promoted ski areas, the prices for equipment rental are pleasantly different at times.

For windsurfing and diving, you should go to Essaouira, where, by the way, the impressive scenes of “Pirates of the Caribbean” were filmed. Relaxed atmosphere, mild climate and winds all year round – what else is needed for windsurfing and kiting. Freshly caught seafood and exotic fish are delivered in colorful blue boats, from where they go straight to the local bazaar.

But if you still want a less wild and secluded vacation, you can combine it with hangouts and parties in Agadir. Here you will see yachts, expensive cars and open-air cafes on the waterfront. Although there is no medina in Agadir – the old city, there are many bars and nightclubs and, of course, surfing points for different levels of training.

Some of the biggest waves are in the town of Tarazhut or Taghazout, near Agadir. There are also surf schools, and, most importantly, a dozen world-class spots. It is interesting that there are practically no hotels on the shore, which are located right on the beach, near the surf spot. So if you want to live with an ocean view, you need your own yacht.

However, even this Arabian barrel of honey has a small fly in the ointment. Even in the high season, the water in the ocean rarely exceeds + 20 ° C, so a wetsuit is required. Also, you should not go here in the holy month of Ramadan, when absolutely everything will be closed.


Most yachtsmen who decide to go by motorboat or sail in this region choose the route along the northern part of the African coast. You can start from Tangier. The recently opened marina there, called Tanja Marina Bay, is designed for more than 1400 yachts and is happy to welcome yachting enthusiasts. Here you can also visit the Hercules Caves. This is an archaeological complex located at Cape Spartel. There are many legends about their origin, for a long time they were considered bottomless, and one of them tells about Hercules, who was gaining strength and spent the night in these grottoes. One of the exits leads to land, while the other leads directly to the sea.

After wandering a lot in the old city and buying forged lamps, carpets and other accessories, you should head for Casablanca, which means “White City” in Spanish. It resembles a European metropolis with a frantic pace of life, but at the same time keeps its traditions. The mild climate beckons to relax on its snow-white beaches with an incredible coastline. For example, mosques and palaces are linked by a labyrinth of narrow streets, and colorful street markets beckon with incredible Moroccan flavor.

Sultry desert

Having dropped anchor near Safi, you can exchange a beach vacation for … a ski resort. In the area of Marrakech, in the town of Lukaimeden, you can see the snow-capped mountains, there are slopes for skiing.

If snowboarding is not your plan, then you can always opt for authentic camel rides in the desert dunes. The desert is one of the main highlights of the kingdom. You can even find a “gate” there, and then feel like a true Berber, saddle a camel and walk in the Sahara in a caravan. Or go for a dune ride. And you can spend the night right in a tent under a scattering of millions of stars – all guests are always welcomed here with cordiality. Delicious pastries, lamb or camel meat that melt in your mouth, an incredible amount of vegetables and fruits, and of course, traditional mint tea. You should definitely try loose couscous stewed in tajin, sweet bastiya pie with chicken or kaab el-gzal.

Those who have visited this North African country note: Morocco is a fabulous kingdom. After all, having seen at least once, it is impossible to forget the tall minarets, golden dunes, the loud call of the muezzin, and that huge Moroccan sun, towering over the Atlantic horizon.

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