The most beautiful waterfalls in the world you can’t miss


Waterfalls are perhaps the most breathtaking natural sights. When swift, mighty streams of water fall on the ground from a great height, we freeze. We inhale the moist air, straighten our shoulders and fall in love with life. Again and again. Here is a list of the seven most impressive waterfalls on our planet.

Wallaman Falls (Australia)

Wallamen is not only amazing in its beauty, but also the highest waterfall in Australia. Mighty waters fall on the stones from a height of almost 270 meters. The waterfall is called a “cascade” and “horse’s tail”. Its streams pass rocks, densely covered with greenery, and flow into a small lake. There are clouds of steam that are as thick as morning fog and huge as the rain clouds. How can you miss such a gem?

Skógafoss и Seljalandsfoss (Iceland)

Iceland is a land of leprechauns and elves, glaciers and volcanoes. There are two the most famous 60-meter’s waterfalls here – Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss. A wide tippet of water falls from a giant, moss-covered cliff. There is such a noise all around that even the wows of people standing nearby dissolve in this wild roar. A rainbow dazzles and shimmers over Skogafoss and the cave on Seljalandsfoss offers an unforgettable view.  According to Icelandic legends, the rainbow appears from the reflections of the treasures hidden by the gnomes in the local gorges.

Havasupai or Havasu Falls (USA)

In the very center of the Arizona desert, where mighty cactus grows under the red-hot sun, it rises. The bloggers’ most beloved waterfall. Havasu, translated from the language of the American Indians, means “turquoise water”. Indeed, its waters shimmer in shades of emerald, turquoise and blue due to the large amount of limestone. It is believed that the waterfall was once a tributary of the Colorado River. Moreover, it was the one who washed the legendary Grand Canyon with its sand and copper walls. To get to Havasu, you have to overcome a difficult path: by helicopter or a few hours by car, and then on foot or on horseback.

Huangguoshu (China)

This waterfall was nicknamed “The Milky Way on Earth” by the locals. Huangguoshu pours its waters in the Chinese province of Guangzhou and is considered the largest in Asia. Its impressive height reaches up to 77 meters, and its width is even more – about 100 meters. The picturesque nature and the so-called “stone forest” that surround the waterfall are fascinating as well. They abound with impenetrable virgin forests, and steep cliffs, and the unique Tianjin Cave, which resembles a miraculous cathedral.

Sastavci (Croatia)

The bright turquoise Plitvice Lakes are a pearl in Croatia’s necklace. Among the malachite forests, they form a magnificent cascade of 16 lakes, straits and waterfalls. All this is the National Park, where the Sastavtsi waterfall is the most famous. It lies at the end of a chain of lakes and from a height of 72 meters flows into two ancient rivers – Plitvitsa and Koran. Its unique turquoise waters are either completely transparent or play in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow.

Gerosoppa Falls (India)

This place is also known as Jog, the second highest waterfall in India. The waters of the local river Sharavati (one of the names of the goddess of art Saraswati) break through the stone rapids and rush down. There, their paths diverge, and they split into four waterfalls. The highest of them reaches 253 meters. They are called Raja, which means “king” in Sanskrit. Rani waterfall, which translates as “queen”, matches it. He, like a real woman, gracefully falls, and his trajectory is like a belly dance – winding and graceful. Two more – Rocket and Rumbling – are the most powerful and loud waterfalls. It is worth going here during the so-called rainy season, because it is at this time that the waterfalls show an unrealistic color.

Detian or Ban Gioc (Vietnam)

This waterfall has two names at once, as it is located on the border of China and Vietnam: Detian or Banzok. It is framed by dense thickets of forests and is one of the five largest waterfalls in the world. During the rainy season, several branches of the falls merge into a single wide stream. A huge freshwater lake is formed at the foot of the waterfall – it is from here that you can clearly see all its power and feel incredible freshness. The bamboo boat, which is made in the form of a traditional Asian raft, will allow you to sail across the lake through sparkling spray and clouds of steam.

Have you visited the waterfalls on our list? How about traveling in 2021?

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