Through the universe: a light and powerful Vespera telescope camera for enjoyable starry evenings


Traditionally, observing stars and planets was considered the prerogative of professionals, and equipment was not the most affordable. However, with the increase in number of people who would like to know space bodies more closely, the number of devices has also increased, thanks to them you can easily see the Milky Way or distant Venus from board of your own boat.

Among many brands that make astronomical tools, the French startup Vaonis is especially noteworthy, which recently introduced the Stellina camera / telescope hybrid. Its redefined the concept of star-observing equipment. And by Christmas 2021, Vaonis plans to officially release a mini-version of the hybrid called Vespera (from Latin for “in the evening”), which will be great entertainment for amateurs and a wonderful gift for professional astronomers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given an impulse to the development of types of entertainment that could replace the usual parties or clubs. Social distancing and limited mobility are driving the demand for compact, customized solutions that can be used within the confines of your home, apartment or on board a yacht – why not?

The French startup started developing telescopes back in 2018. Stellina, their first product, was a fairly large hybrid of a camera and a telescope, sold out very quickly, which prompted Vaonis to create a miniature version for a wide audience – the Vespera, available for about 1000 euros on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

Vespera weighs less than 5 kg, while combining high-precision optics, mechanics and electronics, even possessing “onboard” intelligence. The powerful yet oversized telescope can be used even by beginners as it is easy to operate thanks to the mobile app. The user can observe galaxies, nebulae and planets right on the screen of his gadget, as well as share the taken pictures on social networks.

The functionality of the telescope allows you to automatically search for space objects, and get an image on the screen of your phone or tablet. To get started, just install Vespera on a special tripod, set GPS coordinates and enter the object of interest into the search. The device will independently find a given galaxy or constellation in the sky and show it on the screen.

The telescope operates with 4 lenses placed in two groups. This design, according to engineers, allows you to give the best ratio of device dimensions and picture quality. The Vespera uses a Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor.

Essentially, the Vespera is the smallest intelligent hybrid telescope and is also ideal in a pandemic as it offers a precautionary stargazing experience – on a personal device screen. The kit includes the telescope itself, two tripods, a set of filters, a special backpack and an additional battery. Pre-orders for the Vespera mini telescope have already been made, with deliveries expected in early January 2021.

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