Top 5 trends from CES 2021


In 2021 the annual Consumer Electronics Show was held in a new format – virtual. The pandemic made adjustments here too. January 11-14 for the first time in history all participants instead of a traditional trip to Las Vegas (USA) visited the exhibition online.

Of course, the coronavirus has influenced trends as well. The world was presented with a device that determines lungs characteristics and helps to do breathing exercises, a sanitizer pot with a charging function for smartphones, as well as a whole series of various masks with different sensors etc. A number of companies announced their new products long before the exhibition, but some technological achievements were presented here for the first time. Yachts Review has collected in the review of the Top 5 latest products from the CES 2021 technical exhibition.

LG Rollable Smartphone

The South Korean company LG has shown an experimental smartphone with a rollable screen. The only short teaser revealed how it works. Within a few seconds the gadget turns from a traditional smartphone size into a small tablet. The screen, developed by the Chinese company BOE, is “pulled” into the body. However, the reliability of the design and how the rear panel of the phone looks remains a mystery.
By the way, LG is using almost the same concept as in its sliding OLED TVs. Some media report that the full presentation of the LG Rollable should take place in March and the smartphone may go on sale at the end of this year. The price is kept in secret, but according to rumors it is going to be about $2500.

Samsung Bot Robots

Samsung Electronics unveiled two smart robots that can become essential home helpers – Bot Care and Bot Handy.
The first one, Bot Care, is designed to organize the daily routine, remind you of important things, such as upcoming appointments or work calls. It also may recognize the user’s mood or behavior and react accordingly.

Samsung Bot Handy is essentially a home assistant. It will be able to put laundry into the washing machine, surve the table and even pour a glass of wine. It uses a built-in camera to recognize objects and shapes of different sizes. Developers have endowed it with artificial intelligence. Two eyes that appear on the display can convey emotions while moving or performing a task.
In addition, Bot Handy is able to adjust the grip strength while moving objects of different weights and shapes. Samsung has not yet announced the release date and robots’ price.

Mercedes-Benz MBux Hyperscreen

German automaker Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the curved 56-inch MBux Hyperscreen. In fact, these are several displays that have been combined into one large block. It will occupy almost the entire front of the car, extending from the left to the right pillar.

The screen will be equipped with artificial intelligence, and the panel itself will be divided into three conditional modules. The first one is intended for the driver, in this part all kinds of sensors will be placed, which are used directly to control the car. The central part will be able to display navigation maps and other multimedia capabilities of the car. And finally, the last part is reserved for entertainment. It can be used by a passenger in the front seat or it will have a purely decorative function. Interestingly, the MBux Hyperscreen system can learn the preferences of the owner, adjusting to the habits and characteristics of the driver. Hyperscreen will operate on an 8-core processor and have 24 gigabytes of memory.

Respirator Hazel N95

Razer took up the mask trend and developed the Hazel N95, a smart reusable respirator. The waterproof mask is made from recycled plastic that is scratch resistant. The material itself has a translucent shell so that you can read the lips and see the expressions on the faces of other people during conversation or a small talk.

The mask is equipped with a built-in microphone for voice , as well as speakers. But the most important feature is the active fans on the sides, which are designed to filter the inhaled air and exhaled carbon dioxide. To disinfect “filters” the company will supply a respirator in a special case that can clean everything using ultraviolet rays. A full charge should be sufficient to use the mask all day long, and the indicator lights will show the charge level.
Developers say ventilators are capable of filtering up to 95% of inhaled particles, including the COVID-19 virus and other pathogens. The device is still in development, so it will go on sale later.

YSL Rouge Sur Mesure

A technological breakthrough has reached the fashion world: Yves Saint Laurent has developed a device which can create its own lipstick shade. With the help of the device, women will be able to mix colors until they achieve the desired shade.

The device is loaded with three replaceable cartridges of liquid matte lipstick, and an artificial intelligence app specially designed for the device will be able to advise on shading. You can either choose from a ready-made “palette” or create your own, for example, so that it fits the dress chosen for a walk. The starter kit will cost $ 299, and the replacement lipstick block will cost about $ 100.

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