Picchiotti 73 м M/Y «Grace E»


The prime minister «Grace E» can be safely attributed to the true evolutionary leap in the development of the shipyard Picchiotti. At the moment, it is not only the largest body ever built by the company, but also a vivid example of how a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system is becoming a daily reality sector megayachts.

The prime minister «Grace E» can be safely attributed to the true evolutionary leap in the development of the shipyard Picchiotti. At the moment, it is not only the largest body ever built by the company, but also a vivid example of how a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system is becoming a daily reality sector megayachts.

The new flagship of the shipyard Picchiotti refers to the already well-known series of expedition yachts Vitruvius. «Grace E» is the third project of this line of motor yachts, but it was the most perfect position with the housing architecture and engineering solutions.
The first two series of Vitruvius yacht built entirely of aluminum, but the body «Grace E» was chosen over steel and lightweight aluminum for the superstructure. Naval architecture and exterior style developed Philippe Briand Design, which submitted a draft with a stunning cruise autonomy up to 7500 nautical miles and interior space in 1835 registered tons. According to experts the shipyard Picchiotti has the novelty of the interior space by 10-20% more than any other body of similar length. The yacht is able to make without refueling double transatlantic crossing and perfectly adapted for guests to relax in the Caribbean region, and in the more northern latitudes. In addition, «Grace E» is clearly apparent overall style of the expedition series Vitruvius: extending the waterline enhanced vertical nose, broad flat feed and a modified form of the body, more than usual for sailing yachts.

However, after a series of previous runs Vitruvius, design «Grace E» already looks somewhat expected, which is not the power plant of the yacht. In the engine room «Grace E» presented the latest diesel-electric propulsion system, combined with the technology of rudder propellers Azipod from concern ABB Group. Not lacking in traditional diesel engines, usually mounted within the housing, Azipod technology involves a complete set of powerful electric motors (1600 kW each), close to the screw directly under the water in a special sealed capsule. Thus, the energy generated by diesel generators instantaneously transmitted to the motor, combined with a very short screw shaft. This significantly increases the efficiency of the entire system in many ways and gives 73-meter yacht beautiful maneuverability because-circle rudder propellers can be rotated through 360 °.
For power generation, four Caterpillar diesel generator capacity of 876 kW each and two smaller generator with a capacity of 492 kW. Such a system has advantages in various circumstances. At the moment, it is one of the most effective solutions in the field of environmental safety and in reducing fuel consumption. Navigation takes place with almost no vibration and noise that have a direct impact on the comfort of the guests.
The architecture and layout of the decks «Grace E» focus primarily on safety and functionality. Pyatipalubnaya yacht equally reflects strict Expeditionary design and aesthetics of modern cruising yacht with an impressive panoramic windows salon, a spacious stern with pool and large deck for relaxation.
Interiors «Grace E» performed in a well recognizable author’s style, created by a French designer Remi Tessier. Despite the bright modern style, design by Remi Tessier is always a peculiar interpretation of the natural elements of nature. First of all, this is expressed in the abundance of oval shapes and textures of different wood. Among the main materials includes a light sycamore, bleached wenge (cover closed zones decks) and glossy mahogany (for window frames). To achieve a particular effect in the perception of some wooden panels were sandblasted, bleached, and then polished. This was to create a serene atmosphere and simulation of exposure to the material of the wind, sand, salt water and sun. In accordance with leather headboards in the bedrooms, and leather manufactured blinds, which are governed by a near-silent automatic.
Another fundamental basis for the interiors was carefully designed LED lighting. This is most clearly manifested in the illumination of the ceiling. The idea was to surprise guests play of light and there are no visible signs of the light source. So, for guest areas were chosen combination of blue and white light diode, aimed at creating an informal atmosphere in the night.

The upper level «Grace E» with total area of ​​238 m2 is designed as a special area of ​​rest and recovery. Four swimming pool with Jacuzzi is complemented massages, beauty salon, steam bath with hydrotherapy room, sauna and gym with panoramic views. Most of the deck is a teak floors, and outdoor areas are allocated functional and soft loungers sunbeds for sunbathing.
Since only a long cruise on board the yachts can go at least 12 people, for easy movement between decks require the establishment of a silent elevator. Along with the exquisite spiral staircase, almost in the center of the body, set elegant round lift of glass and steel. Fine art lighting, golden decor and overall snow-white background to turn an ordinary lifting device into an object of contemporary art.
Average deck provided a comfortable seating area of ​​170 m2. The public part of the deck is connected to the inner cabin thanks sliding glass partitions, 8 m long. The level is very versatile with its functionality: a bar, a co-Fein and gaming tables, a lounge with cozy sofas, an extensive “soft zone” in the cockpit and not only. It also serves a large round table of polished and gleaming varnish in mahogany. Special pull-tents completely obscure the entire recreation area.
Apartment owner placed in front of the main deck. A space of 90 m2 and a ceiling height of almost 2 meters. Masterfully decorated wall panels of bleached sycamore treated so that the texture of the tree looks like after prolonged exposure to wind, sand and sea waves. Floors made of wenge combined with silk rugs. Since each side has large panoramic windows. Bathroom divided into male and female halves, as well as walk-in closets.
The main salon is spacious enough to combine function and lounge area serving two large round tables for dinner all the guests. Dazzling white countertop, along with bright rugs, wall and ceiling panels create a wonderful lightness, not allowing to feel the limitations of space. The deck is also covered clarified wenge and a dark mahogany varnished, outlining the contours of the windows allows you to fix some arbitrarily integrity of the space. At sunset on the foreground contour LED-backlight, artificially creates a wonderful play of light and shadows, emphasizing the beauty of natural materials.
Leaving the interior towards the stern, guests can enjoy a cold drink at the bar or relax on the comfortable couches. On both sides of the zone is open, but it protects the top of the middle deck overhang. There is further provided external staircases that allow to navigate to the level above.

Besides jacuzzi sandeke more dimensional pool adorns the stern of the main deck. Teak elegantly strewn not only on deck but also decorates the outer wall of the pool, causing a very pleasant tactile sensations. The pool is controlled not only clean water, but also its temperature, options include whirlpool and lights.
Many megayachts guest cabins are equipped with either the primary or on the lower deck. However, the architects «Grace E» decided to use both levels. Near the owner’s suite on the main deck is two VIP-cabins along each of the sides and in the center of the lower deck – two guest and two VIP-cabin.

Additionally, as a guest apartment can be used by another cabin near the bridge.
The interior of all rooms are very bright and decorated using high-quality materials: glass, polished stainless steel, window frames made of ebony and artfully designed handcrafted leather blinds.
To unrestricted freedom of movement on board is designed impressively large garage bay. In conjunction with the swim platform area beach club and place for tenders and equipment is 113 m2. Guests can count on the active pastime with kayaks, water skis and boards, hand underwater towing, diving and so on. To lower the main 9.2-meter tender used side of the housing on the left side. Additionally, one tender and lifeboat stored in the bow area, which presents a complex electro-opening mechanism of special side panel of the conditional principle “gull-wing”. This decision provided an opportunity to abandon the cumbersome outdoor crane and leave the entire outer part of the deck at the disposal of guests. Teak and safe guard rails allow the use of this part of the deck as the dance floor and beyond.
Seaworthiness, reliability and an enviable autonomy body, everything points to the fact that the owner of «Grace E» are not enough well-known destinations in the warm waters and the boat will be used in the most exotic waters. This is indicated not only the specifics of architecture series Vitruvius, but also a wide arsenal of additional equipment, as well as the number of 22 people in the crew, which also created almost ideal conditions.


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