Heesen 40 м M/Y «Galatea»


Speed – initial priority Dutch shipyard Heesen. In matters of comfort and compromises are not valid, but that the hydrodynamic parameters are always a highlight of the most premier companies. At this time, according to the manufacturer, «Galatea» became the most high-tech sports yacht with a 40-meter hull.

In Greek mythology, Galatea is one of the famous Nereids – sea gods, leading idyllic pacified life in the deep sea, and personified the different qualities of the marine element. Judging by the level of technological capabilities and the exclusive comfort of the project «Galatea», shipyard Heesen also tried to present their version of the ideal yacht with extraordinary speed was.
«Galatea» – all-aluminum yacht with the modern architecture of the body and improved hydrodynamic characteristics. Dutch engineers claim that at the moment it is the only 40-meter yacht in the world, performed at such a high level and has no analogues in the segment.
The aluminum semi-displacement hull of the yacht is the result of joint efforts by Heesen Yachts engineers and naval architecture research center Van Oossanen. Despite the comfort and high-quality interiors with refined marble bathrooms and staircases, «Galatea» is endowed with impressive power of modern engines. The power plant is represented by a pair of 16-cylinder diesel units MTU, in producing a tremendous amount of power output. Each engine is capable of delivering up to 3862 horsepower. This boat boasts a maximum speed of 28 knots at 50% of capacity. However, this is not the limit. On sea trials in the North Sea Boat showed a maximum speed of 29.7 knots. Range same marine transitions may be up to 2,200 nautical miles at a speed of 12 knots.
Exterior styling and interior design of premises offered by Fran-com Loupmanom from Omega Architects, different distinct personality and is made based on the Dutch Expressionist era. He has such ingredients: simplicity and carefully considered lines, the game on the contrast of light shades of wood European oak and ebony Macassar, the skillful use of stained glass and marquetry of walnut and sycamore, and the use of high-quality varieties of leather and natural stone. The latter can always maintain its beauty and exclusivity of the premises to give. So, for interior decoration of bathrooms in all cabins designer used Italian marble yellow and beige shades with characteristic dark patches. Here you can see the marble slabs of brown marble Turkish Mystic Brown, representing the interweaving of light brown and dark brown seams. It has been used for the manufacture of marble tiles, stair steps and countertops and window sills. And, of course, the marble Bianco Raffaello pastel shades with smooth, harmonious transition. All this, together with the precise selection of ergonomic furniture, creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, ideally suitable both for relaxation with your family and for entertaining evening events.

In particular, an interesting fact was the work of designers on the reduction of the total weight of the boat. The thickness of the marble and natural stone specifically reduced to a record 4 mm. It also touched and wooden decorative elements.
On the main deck there is a spacious lounge, which is functionally divided into two parts. The first is reserved for a large living room with deep armchairs creamy, a pair of light brown leather sofas, a television panel and an excellent raster ceiling light with light ceilings. In the daytime living just buried in the glow of natural sunlight streaming through the large panoramic windows. And in the aft cabin is a dining room, forming a perfect circle shape, the center of which is served table. Behind him will be able to dine at the same time up to ten persons. Glass doors allow the interior to admire the beautiful sea views, or enjoy the fresh air.
Impressive interior space superyacht perfectly resonate with huge open floor plan. Sandek «Galatea» is divided into three open zones with a total area of ​​85 square meters. There is a place for sunbathing, making air baths, as well as for outdoor activities.
The first site is reserved for a natural solarium, a secure hard-top and side pillars made of glass. Second – placed in a massive bow deck and is an area for outdoor activities. And completing sandek shaded dining terrace in the aft deck, teak furnished suite and built-in grill. It is perfectly possible to spend time enjoying excellent gastronomic delights in the fresh air.
When the 8-meter-wide body interior yachts have exceptional amounts of storage space and allow to place on board up to 8 guests in four comfortable cabins. They are represented by a master cabin, a pair of VIP-suites and two double cabins with twin beds placed.

Guest area is on the lower deck received several original plan. The spiral staircase is a kind of dividing line, on both sides of which are presented VIP-cabin. One of them is located aft and formed across the entire width of the housing. Perhaps it was the preference of the owner, because the flexibility of the architecture it is allowed to create an additional guest cabin.

The owner’s stateroom is completely separated and are in front of the main deck. With both sides opened a real view – big windows are quite simple geometry, but functional, and the outside of the body, they look very modern. The apartments are traditionally divided into zones: office, mini lounge, dressing room and marble bath.
The bow is equipped with Command Module. Here are just four cabins with toilets, saloon and additional office space. Each cabin is well lit and has portholes.
Performance and comfort on board go hand in hand with high levels of noise and vibration. Thus, the use of technology “floating” floor offers unparalleled minimizing impact noise.

In addition to the richness of the interiors, comfort and convenience in managing, on request this series housing can be equipped with many advanced technical solutions. Their list includes a large bath and in the form of an octahedron, and underwater lights hull, and 5.4-meter dinghy, diving equipment, water skis, the system facilitates the descent of water from the garage “toys” and more.
On the synthesis of various technological capabilities and exclusive comfort in the «Galatea» says and large swim platform with teak. Last executed on the proven technology of the familiar: transom ramp lowered to the water and offers offers a convenient beach club. This area is also combined with a modern garage bay for the tender, jet ski or any other high-tech toys. The latter fact is important, as already mentioned autonomy over 2,000 miles cruising will allow not only in familiar waters, but also in remote regions.


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