CRN MY «Atlante» Grey Cardinal


For “the publication of” this boat was chosen the appropriate status of an occasion – anniversary Monaco Yacht Show 2015. Fully customizable «Atlante» was the perfect expression of the DNA of the brand, cleverly combining the unmatched know-how with the talent of the leading designers of the world scale.

Like most of the other models of the shipyard, building «Atlante» is made of steel and the superstructure was used for aluminum. Set in motion this edifice two powerful Caterpillar 3512C engine capacity of 1 800 l. from. each contract at the maximum boat speed of 15 knots and 14 knots in cruise mode. All the architectural and engineering work was carried CRN technical office together with the design studio Nuvolari & Lenard, a priori, that is the key to excellent seaworthiness.

As a result, the yacht got a bright recognizable appearance in military style: dark glazing, sharp nose, slightly rounded at the top, and a dark gray color that makes her look like a destroyer. But do not be afraid of a few square shapes, “muscular hips” and clear lines edakogo warship in miniature. Each detail exterior and interior was found a meticulous and painstaking approach, because the yacht is packed with sophisticated innovative technologies. For example, handrails, elements of polished stainless steel and the body itself due to the specific coating shimmers in the sun and reflect light like a cut diamond.

And we can say that the key innovation in the 55 meters long vessel began to huge possibilities of transformation, not only of individual objects, and even entire spaces. The endless expanse of the upper decks can handle virtually any task, for example, in a few minutes turned into a dining area with a full table and not ordinary seats. But first things first.
The main access to the ship is organized through the upper deck, in contrast to the accepted standards, when you can get on board through the main deck. This innovation is associated with storage space for tenders, because «Atlante» them is positioned on the main deck, in the same way as is customary in these explorers. Although this place is called a garage as a language does not turn. The fact that this part is easily converted from the technical area into a platform for bright daytime and evening gatherings of cinema. From the hidden recesses in the ceiling leave the projector, screen and other technological gadgets. All this creates a home theater sector to “parking lot.” Two mechanical hatch raised like the wings of a seagull, and voila – here’s another additional lounge outdoors.

Boats are designed to support the maintenance of a unique aesthetic and impeccable style of the parent yacht. Hence the unique profile and color of the body, leather and wooden elements of the exterior and interior.

Applying vacuum infusion technology, engineers were able to increase the strength of the boat and get two carboxylic “chetyrehtonnika.” They are equipped with comfortable leather sofas and designed for a comfortable reception. But only one tender is endowed with a hard top and is more suitable for ceremonial receptions and official meetings, and the second is a walking version of the open-top limousine. At the same time, both boats are accelerated to 42 knots.

The third boat in the spacious garage superyachts – saving 5-meter RIB. Featuring an attractive design and ease of maintenance quick tender at the same time is able to take on board a team of six people with the proper weight and take a full 80 liters of fuel filling.

“Beach Club” – a space that is an open recreational area and is in close contact with the sea. This design was first tested on a 60-meter «Blue Eyes» and in fact become synonymous with recognition of the many yachts from CRN. Sliding rear ramp is transformed into an elegant and sophisticated platform at water level equipped with a solarium and a sunbathing area, which gives it true character of the club. Exactly-tion cotton Bimini, stretched above the ground, is a godsend on a hot afternoon. The climax of “beach club” were two symmetrical balconies, protruding above the water surface, they are also recognizable handwriting of the Italian CRN. They can get through the wellness center: massage room, Turkish bath or gym.

The main salon «Atlante» you can fall in through the sliding glass door. A string of large vertical windows frames the space and allows sunlight to penetrate into every corner of the cabin, opening the beautiful scenery of the sea.

Depending on the time of day and the mood of guests in this area can be interesting to organize all sorts of leisure and entertainment. For example, the parties can sit comfortably around a couple of coffee tables, this contributes to the availability of a variety of chairs, rectangular poufs and plush sofas. Here the theme of the severity and the courage to go into the background, giving way to relaxation and tranquility.

The spacious dining area is located at the rear of the cabin, it is furnished with a neat dining ensemble in a dark gray scale. Perhaps its hallmark from the many other similar areas is versatility. Thanks to a hidden mechanism and its design table changes the height and width even. This allows you to use the space in a more classic version – for dinner parties and dinners. But as soon as the table is lowered, you can hold home gatherings, using it as a coffee table, and thus extending the boundaries of the main salon.
Passing through the lobby, we go into a hallway that leads to the apartment of the owner of the yacht. The master cabin takes up the entire width of the hull, and from the very first steps, it is intriguing another know-how. Thus, a small table after leather pouf glides along the steel, and, if desired, the owner can vary not only their location, but also the height relative to the floor. This is not just convenient, but also has an enormous space savings.

Then he opened his own “suite” with a large bed and wall-panel televisions, as well as additional tables and poufs. The headboard is formed niche is fenced off a couple of entrances to private bathrooms owner and his companion.

Also clearly visible design development specialists Videoworks conducted an enormous amount of work on the so to say “e” part. Invisible at first glance, sensors and auxiliary equipment in large quantities have been combined into a single network, providing access to any owner of the applications from your iPad and iPhone.
The four guest cabins are on the lower deck, where you can “domchalis” in the modern elevator, or use a spiral staircase of white Carrara marble, encircling the lift shaft. All guest apartment equipped with spacious bathrooms, a variety of furniture and combined lighting system, creating a relaxing atmosphere and giving the opportunity to fully enjoy the solitude.
Do not forget naval architects and recreation area for the crew. It is located in the bow of the lower deck and offers excellent conditions to replenish forces watch after 13 crew members. Compartment for the team consists of six 2-bed cabins, dining room and the captain’s suite.

The upper deck has a somewhat different mood. Here you can see a lot of interesting decorative elements made of wood, which supposedly kept its pristine condition and appearance. Cool black and white palette in the cabin gave way to a more natural, natural shades. Author’s furniture such as coffee tables eucalyptus and redwood – all this gives the interior elegance and dynamism, even remotely resembling an island bungalow.

The main contribution to daylighting top “living room”, of course, belongs to the great shops with window tinted windows. One gets the feeling that she seemed enveloped in golden light streams.
The cockpit on the upper deck – another area of ​​universal relaxation. Near each of the sofas dominate familiar to us from the main salon convertible sofa tables with steel gleam hoist.
On the same deck there is also a wheelhouse. Its space can be attributed to one of the most successful architectural solutions. The navigation bridge provides an excellent overview of the jobs with the crew, and five multi-function displays and a variety of sensors allows to get the range of necessary information in the open sea, and when entering the port with heavy traffic.
Teak in the bow area of ​​the upper deck creates a feeling of infinite space, because it does not force, so looks simple and elegant. But if necessary, a compact table and several removable seats, the installation in the space below deck, immediately go to the carefully calculated mechanisms. Really original solution! In this zone, you can organize a beach area, apart tanning beds, or small company to retire at any time.
Another innovation was the chip deck hatch to the premises, where are the mooring arrangements and is equipped optional garage. It settled a couple of jet skis and other related equipment for water recreation. Coated teak entry does not extradite its presence.
Sandek similar in furnishing an identical area of ​​the upper deck, because he, too, is designed for leisure. However, besides the staircase here provides access to high-speed elevator, which is not uncommon on yachts of this size.

But the main highlight ahead. The “nose” to equip the space with an electrically operated sun umbrella and an impressive size pool. Boasting incredible views of the sea surface and the outside world. Bathing in a swimming pool on the roof resembles a skyscraper. Just add to that the speed and the sea breeze and maybe then you will be able to come close to the feeling of “Atlantic” luxury.


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