Lurssen 95 м. M/Y ‘Kismet’ Beyond perfection


Espen Oeyno, Pascale Reymond and Andrew Langton – names of authors so extravagant project we utter with particular admiration. These unrivaled experts in their field have allowed to carry out all the plans. In fairness it should be noted that it is not the last word in the yacht building was for her future owner. It was his bold ideas embodied in the life of virtuosos yacht building, made Lürssen ‘Kismet’ so unusual and bright.

Today ‘Kismet’ – one of the most exciting and luxurious creations of renowned German shipyard Lürssen, which is already more than a century creating masterpieces of naval architecture. Confirmation of this – the main prize World Superyacht Awards 2015, resulting in the category of motor yachts larger than 75 meters.

Compared with the previous Lürssen project under the same name, and, incidentally, for the same owner, the number of decks is the same – five. But it is perhaps the only similarity! The scale of this colossus cause at the same time a sense of awe and admiration. Steel body looks very balanced, creating a feeling that the 95-meter yacht just hovering over the sea surface. The elegant lines of the hull and superstructure are skillfully combined with the aggressive elements. That only is a sharp nose – a kind of bowsprit, giving a boat similar to the fish-sword! Reinforces the impression of the chrome Clusaz grilles and various elements of stainless steel and black tinted windows.
To get to the megayacht is possible by means of a powerful retractable ladder, “drowned” in the feed. The first thing that makes freeze in amazement when hit on the main level – is a terrace at the stern, because there are sofas arranged around the fire …! A sort of a corner of primitive people – the fire, however, a safe, sofas instead of skins, and other attributes of the cave were replaced with modern accessories. Ultramarine lights “home” gives the space a certain mystery. Where you can stay with a drink in the evening, watching the fire and stars. The dining area is hidden in the superstructure, creating some privacy. It is convenient to hold a meal in a small family circle at the round table.

Tinted sliding doors lead into the main salon on the main deck. In order to describe every detail, you will likely have to publish a separate book, because there literally every detail is incredible excitement and deserves a separate story.
An incredible feeling of free, light and open space creates a two-story atrium, occupies the height of two decks. On the lower level is a cozy lounge, a C-shaped lounge and a chic bar. Here, everything is subordinated to the main style solution – a smooth, curved lines and stretching. The complex and bizarre form of chandelier illuminates not only space, but also fills the gap between the two decks. Someone sees in it a rugby ball, someone is a form reminiscent of moths, but ignored this lamp is not exactly.
Unforgettable atmosphere from what you see enables you to create and live a luxurious piano sound. Monolithic frame for the instrument has been carefully designed to preserve the purity of the piano sound and concurrently perform the function bar. The shape of this installation looks like a huge mushroom copper, the surface of which is flickering glare of light. By the way, this unusual piece of furniture appeared thanks to the owner’s wife, who also took an active part in the work on ‘Kismet’. Luxury staircase with an abundance of forged elements become successful link atrium, uniting together the style of both decks.
Along the perimeter of the cabin erected two large “video wall”, formed from 42 TV-panels, each the size of 55 inches. They rise up from the ceiling to the floor, as in a night club in New York. Such multimedia design can operate in several modes. First, simply serve as a backdrop to the “living room” and play exciting video effects, such as drop-down waterfall or the rustle of leaves in the trees. All of this is incredibly complements the interior, forming a kind of diorama, where real objects smoothly flow into a digital image. Secondly, with the help of external cameras from Techno Gurus can broadcast the surrounding scenery, getting something like a virtual window.
But that’s not all! Here you can view as a world sports news, and enjoy the broadcast of the match favorite football team.
A peculiar intrigue on the main deck became a 2-sided fireplace alcohol, used as a partition between the main cabin and a luxurious cinema. On either side of the huge screen housed cocktail area and cigar room. All this gives the cabin a special chic and attracting the alluring images of the East.

The living area on the ‘Kismet’ organized excellently. The yacht has a 12-bedroom guest beds in 6 cabins, including two VIP-class suites and three double-cabins on the main deck. Another 2-bedded sea cabin is located below deck.
Each of the six guest rooms designed in a different color and has a unique themed tapestries. The VIP- apartments predominant style Art Nouveau, and the decoration of the other guest cabins tends to be Japanese or Persian style, where the headboard adorn amazing floral arrangements. In general, all the interiors have turned out delicious and colorful, because designers are actively using carved elements, mosaics and painted inserts.

The lower level is equipped with a great spa-complex: a sauna, a traditional hammam, a cold water pool, a massage parlor and beauty salon – all of them richly decorated with bright décor. It is here the ideal place to throw off the burden of everyday life, get rid of fatigue and find inner peace. Do not forget to ‘Kismet’ and active lifestyles – adjacent to the wellness-center is equipped with gym. By the way, a great addition to this area was the gorgeous 8-meter folding balcony offers direct access to the sea.

The upper level continues the style of the main deck, the same motifs and echoes of Art Deco and Art Nouveau, with salons and lounges here are more suitable for large receptions. Perhaps, therefore, on the upper deck there are two dining areas – separate pompous hall, formal and somewhat officious, but a “rave” area was moved to the open air. By the way, this is where designers have used a non-trivial method – the deck built of glass panels that rise in bad weather. A sort of a winter garden, where you can comfortably dine, even if the route ‘Kismet’ takes place in the northern latitudes.

The second half of the upper deck – the owner of a private area of ​​the yacht. Of course, its scope is impressive, although the scope of space on the Lürssen – is the norm. Functionally, the master suite is divided into two areas: for business and leisure. On either side of the spacious lobby housed an office and a small reception. They are followed by private territory, which are conditionally divided into “for him” and “for her” – bathrooms and dressing rooms are arranged symmetrically on the right and left side. Generally, these areas enjoy plenty of light and a feeling of spaciousness. For example, in the bathroom it helps the white marble and gilded decorations.
Yacht owner’s bedroom located in the bow of the superstructure, which helped create the spherical shape of the room.

Interior master suites in the style of Coco Chanel – the strict chocolate brown tones and natural materials. Talking about the amount of natural light here is simply superfluous, given that most of the walls are made of glass. In addition, the chip was more a skylight directly above the double bed owner ‘Kismet’. That is to say, in the afternoon you can enjoy unforgettable views of sea expanses, and at night – the magic stars. Adds romanticism built alcohol fireplace, opposite the bed. And for those who are tired to enjoy nature – there is a large LED-panel directly above the “hearth”. In general, entertainment for all tastes.

Brand chord in the design of the apartments yahtovladeltsa became a private terrace. Where, however here you can deeply inhale the sea air and take a refreshing dip in the hot tub. From here there is access to a huge deck on the bow, which was multifunctional. In a few minutes it is easy to organize a full-fledged workout basketball team successful with working rolls around the ring. It is only necessary to raise the rack with a basketball shield. And in his spare time from matches this space is used as a helicopter landing pad.

On bridzhdeke usually unfolds beach club or lounge without problems. But it is only during the day there seems to be so calm and peaceful, because the night is the center of night life on a yacht! Dance floor with cutting-edge audio and video system, skybar with cocktails – all this will clearly be a hit summer party anywhere on the coast of Monaco. By the way, for the owner ‘Kismet’ party for 250 people – a usual thing and often just need to, so that bridzhdek will enjoy great popularity.
The logical continuation of disco may become a party by the pool on the top deck – on topdeke. It also organized a barbecue for 12 people.
Perhaps the most unusual area – “crow’s nest”, which is one level above topdeka directly under the antenna mast. There’s a great undeveloped area with outdoor lounger. Perhaps it was all sokroven nye secrets of the universe can be revealed here, or even own destiny, because it is so in Arabic sounds ‘Kismet’.


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