Otam Millenium 80. I’m Brown, Mr. Brown!


Winning in the speed – it does not lose in comfort! Perhaps it will sound as a new interpretation of the golden rule of mechanics from Otam Shipyard. With the new 25-meter yacht &dym;Mr. Brown &dym;Italians have shown that the speed and luxury are complementary concepts.

Winning in the speed – it does not lose in comfort! Perhaps it will sound as a new interpretation of the golden rule of mechanics from Otam Shipyard. With the new 25-meter yacht ‘Mr. Brown ‘Italians have shown that the speed and luxury are complementary concepts.

Sailboats Otam Millenium 80 is available in 2 versions – promenade and “charged”, as well as variations in the Open or hardtop, as indicated by the abbreviation HT. What do you think, on some of them a pair of MTU engines capacity of 2600 hp each? Of course, on the promenade! Because the sports version, which, in fact, is the new ‘Mr. Brown ‘, equipped with four engines for MTU 1620 horses each, external drives Trimax and four 6-blade propellers Rolla.

Such a propulsion system and a lightweight body made of reinforced fiberglass with more than compensate for the additional weight of furniture and other attributes of comfort, allowing the boat to accelerate up to 54 knots. Agree, the result is quite impressive! Just imagine the speed, which is perceived as a 250 km / h on land! But rather than rest on its laurels, developers continue to experiment with new types of screws, which will increase the speed of ‘Mr. Brown ‘to 55-58 knots.

And in the company with 60 years of experience creating high-speed boats are well aware that the high class – it’s not just “fly” over the water with a crazy speed, but also the ease of maneuvering in small harbors Liguria, where the yacht race. Judge for yourself: at low speed 80HT ‘Mr. Brown ‘uses only one outer pair of motors. The wide gap between the outer screws makes it easier to enter into the turns, and provides additional stability, which is not enough for many ships with a large angle of deadrise.
Using nasal podrulki repeatedly improves maneuverability and makes the boat extremely docile. A special “gourmet” offered another option: to maximize the efficiency and controllability of the tilt angles of propeller shafts are adjustable. This allows you to fine-tune them, but you must first remove the boat from the water.
The exteriors of ‘Mr. Brown ‘can not find even a single superfluous detail, it would distort the perfect line. Her style can be described as minimalist and refined at the same time every centimeter of the boat reminds us of her athletic nature. Even it was decided to completely abandon any handrails or other attributes not to violate drawing sweeping lines of the boat.

The architect Achille Salvani working on the design, it was possible to observe the unity of form and content. With regard to the interiors’ Mr. Brown ‘more appropriate would be the epithet of “finesse”, and this despite the fact that in the finishing luxurious materials used generously. For example, different species of ebony, leather and linen, teak and polished stainless steel.
A sliding glass door leads to the salon on the main deck. In the open state, it combines a covered “living room” and a cockpit at the stern into a single space. And this is a very correct decision, because the interior is almost entirely given over to dinettu and quite tightly piled furniture. But this has its advantages: large comfortable sofas with linen upholstery accommodate everyone. The round table in the center of the dining room is made of stainless steel and black wood, it can be rotated and adjusted in height.
In front of the boat Otam is the bridge. Four sport seats, leather-trimmed, allow you to select a comfortable angle by means of the electric drive. In addition to really kind of racing, the captain appears certain freedom of control: now the “rule” can be sitting, standing or even reclining, just like a real car. By the way, only two of the four seats are designed for professionals – the captain and his assistant. On their side the instrument panel is endowed with the controls and monitors for the monitoring of all vital systems of the boat – the engine room and engines, GPS and radar. Here, all the displays are interchangeable, as are controlled by a single automation system.
But two other chairs are provided for guests boats. The dashboard is also trimmed with carbon fiber and equipped with two iPad, which can broadcast all of the same performance of a vessel or to fulfill its primary function – to entertain guests.

The bridge is divided into two parts stairway leading to the lower deck. It is here that the architect talent was in demand in full, because in this area there is no hint of the traditional layout.
The four-engine version of ‘Mr. Brown ‘managed to place a master suite and two guest cabins with private bathrooms and 2 cabins for staff with separate entrances and a kitchen.
The most preferred, of course, was the owner’s cabin. It occupies the nose of the deck and the first thing that catches the eye – its irregular shape. This is not surprising, because the designers decided to use the maximum available space, so all curves of the hull can be seen in the master stateroom. Unusually inclined windows are complemented by metal frames with solid rivets. Tiered walls that form the niches, shelves and various bumps create a feeling as if you are inside the complex geometric shapes. All this is connected into a whole eclectic finishes and a large illuminated room. Although its color scheme is fairly restrained and largely repeats the gamut interior, textures and shades are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Almost cold industrial and pattern of the skin, the surface of glass and metal is surprisingly well with “warm” teak paneling on the walls.
The bathroom strict classical black-and-whites are more than compensated for interesting textures. Texture tiles resembling carbon fiber, high-gloss surface of the furniture and the cold steel shine – here, perhaps, the very mood of ‘Mr. Brown ‘.

Guest cabin, of course, inferior in size to the apartment owner, but made in the same colors and mood. In general, despite the relatively small size of the boat, the entrances to the cabin staff do not overlap with routes guests yachts, for which you can put a bold plus Otam.
For shiny letters’ Mr. Brown ‘in the back of the boat disappears automatically gets out of touch the door to the garage, where the tender is stored. Here at the stern provides a lounge area outdoors. You can spend most of their time in the cockpit area on a comfortable sunpad, which, among other things, combined with the sofa. By the way, there you can stay for a cup of coffee, this has several comfortable sofas and tables lined up on the port and starboard. Perhaps there will be enough room for everyone!
Despite the fact that the site is even larger in the nose, there is unlikely there will be willing to place sunpad, although the company does not rule out such a possibility. In fact, knowingly Otam proudly declares that each boat – it’s one hundred percent full custom.


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