Rossinavi Taransay. Spirit of traditions


The form, content, seaworthiness – these are the main categories, on which for centuries scratching their heads advanced minds bulk of architecture, trying to bring some innovations. This is something invisible makes us each time with trepidation fasten his attention to the classic creations of the past, to the “Golden Age” era steam yachts and gentlemen relations.

It would seem, well, that this daunting in the construction of a vintage boat – just choose a favorite project, an agreement with the shipyard about the cost and timing and already half done! Compared with the same Refit, which is fraught with a lot of pitfalls and unforeseen expenses, which can be found only completely absorbed in the work, the creation of a yacht from scratch – a more predictable process.
But there is only truth! After all, save the style or authenticity at the same time to comply with modern standards – a task doubly difficult. But, it seems, Rossinavi is not scared! Shipyard gladly accepted to such an unusual project, given that a similar experience they already had.
By today’s standards of modern housing Taransay looks too narrow, while its width is 7.6 meters is still a bit more than the original body. This was due to some objective factors. Diesel engines of the time were not so powerful as it is today. That is why the naval architects of the last century have tried to make the most of the hydrodynamics of the hull form.
Elegant classic lines Rossinavi ‘Taransay’ underlined the traditional colors of the color. hull painted in a deep dark blue color, and the main part of the superstructure decided to make white. By the way, the superstructure was the first stumbling block, because modern standards are not allowed to build it entirely of wood. Therefore, the designers went to the trick – the foundation is made of aluminum, and to give the “vintage” style sheathed her aged natural teak! Yes, it is aged – with a mass of scratches and chips. The owner simply convinced that the history of yacht may not look with “needles” on it must be the imprint of the past. At the same time all the panels fit perfectly, do not even expect to hear some squeaks, which suffer not very high quality contemporary!
According to the canons of the time the boat got feed circular shape in a canoe style. By virtue of its design features here it was impossible to organize a full swim platform or beach club in a modern way. Therefore, on the starboard side is equipped with folding platform, which can be great to dive into water, or vice versa, on approaching the tender. By the way, here it is a folding ladder, up to which you can get right to the main deck Rossinavi.

It should be noted that the plan on the vessel is significantly different from the usual location of the premises. For example, the dining room and salon are located in different parts of the deck, although the new boats they try to place in the neighborhood as a logical space.
The centerpiece of the dining room took the dining table of dark wood, can accommodate up to 12 guests. In contrast to the modern yacht, with huge glass area, well-lit dining area provides eight small arched windows, evenly spaced along the perimeter of the room. And in the evening the main source of light is soft scanning backlight. Such lamps successfully distributed between wooden beams.

In order to get to a salon, you need to go down the hall to the stern of the vessel. Here, as elsewhere, there is an atmosphere of the last century and the reigns timeless Art Deco style. Classic wall panels made of solid mahogany, round portholes with engraving and metal decorative elements form a unified stylistic decision.
Salon permeated with the spirit of Victorian England, it seems that is about to go down here a noble gentleman in a hat and with a cane in his hand and orders to head for the New World. The large upholstered furniture – large sofas, armchairs, chairs – perfect fit in the interior and do not create clutter in the cabin. By the way, drawing the upholstery and colors – these are typical ornaments of the time, they have been precisely matched in accordance with the pictures of the original vessel. Woven wool carpet is made based on the classic 20th century tapestries. Not surprisingly, in the interior part of the coffee table performs forged chest.
From the main salon via a spiral staircase you can get to the lower deck or Cabin Deck – this is how it is called in the ‘Taransay’. This deck is also full of surprises and unusual for the modern yachting solutions. Here are the engine room, master suites, four guest cabins and three cabins for crew rest.
Engine room to ‘Taransay’, as well as nearly one hundred years ago, located in the center of the lower deck. Once it was located at that time advanced a couple of 4-cylinder diesel engines Gardner capacity of 96 horsepower each. Today, two diesel power units Caterpillar C18 Acert working in the engine compartment of a remake, which is 8.5 times greater than the power of the original! Two CAT 800 L. from. able to accelerate the boat up to a maximum of 14 knots and cruising moving at a speed of 12 knots – the distance of 3500 nautical miles. To neutralize produced on a yacht noise and vibration technology mechanisms “floating” deck was used, suggesting they mount to the chassis through rubber bushes.
Given that almost behind the wall are master suites – it was simply a must-have!
Owner Apartments occupy the entire width of the boat. It should be noted that the historical image of the boat is fully consistent with the situation in the style of fast commuters: the very boats which were once very fond of the American business elite. After all, they could comfortably get to the city from their summer residences, and to have time to freshen up, have breakfast and read the morning paper, enjoying the sea air.

The centerpiece of the cabin occupies a double bed with soft lighting, and are arranged around the perimeter of drawers, dressing tables, little couches – loyalty to the style of the early 19th century. One of the interesting features of the apartment: very spacious walk-in closet and two bathrooms – one with shower and the second with a full bathroom.
Next to the two guest cabins are equipped to the owner, one left on the board with a pair of separate beds, and the second – in the aft deck with a V-shaped arrangement of beds. The VIP-suite and one 2-bedded guest cabins are located close to the bow of the boat, but in front of the engine room. This layout will maximize the useful area of ​​the interior space, preserve the pristine layout and take place under the bathrooms in each cabin. The color scheme in a residential area was chosen carefully, considering the amount of natural light that enters through small windows. Studio Tassin use light ash wood with inlays of mahogany.
On the lower deck there was a place for the three cabin staff and a small kitchen. But the captain’s cabin went to the upper deck and is close to the ship control center.
By the way, here, on the top deck in the wheelhouse especially clearly felt the connection of the past with the present. Compared to the reference design, the new cabin ‘Taransay’ turned spacious and comfortable. Classy binnacle mounted on a conventional cabinet, and a magnificent steering wheel are fascinating. They safely coexist with ultra-modern electronics and display systems.

Open deck on ‘Taransay’ deserve special attention. Why are only wooden lockers at the bow of the boat, mast and copper stylized ship mechanisms! Not without props. For example, oil lamps successfully retrained in electric lamps.
By the way, at the beginning of the 20th century on “gentlemen’s boats” presence of lifeboats and motor-boats were strictly necessary. However, for their launching used folding arc, blocks system, and sometimes the only muscular efforts of several sailors. In place of the boats came modern requirements, that approach grew in size and became a heavy, so for their lifting and lowering mechanisms needed more serious.

But how to write hi-tech equipment on the old boat? Architects from Rossinavi successfully solved this problem! To save the primeval style hydraulic davit was hidden in the chimney, which is, of course, is not used for its intended purpose. If necessary, the tube is opened, and when the tender launched – hiding mechanism. Themselves folding arc employed as fasteners for bimini-stamp and translucent curtains on the upper deck, creating a kind of tent over a large seating area. By the way, ‘Taransay’ accurately know a lot about the open areas. The lounge on the deck sandeke or tent, as it is called Rossinavi, less formal. There are sofas, upholstered in blue and white “zebra” and transformable coffee tables.
On the main deck we have organized a full dining area, hidden in the superstructure, where you can not only spend time with family and friends, but also enjoy delicious culinary delights and wine. Before the wheelhouse is located Divan a secluded area. It not only offers an excellent overview of the surrounding area, where literally concentrated fresh air, the water and the magic sound of the sea.


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