Feadship Moon Sand. Passion for Excellence


In recent years, the shipyard Feadship issued, as if from a horn of plenty, countless large-scale projects from 33 to 100 meters, but in their series highlights mid-size ship &dym;Moon Sand&dym;. The key to success has served as the concept of a successful combination of three factors: the abundance of natural light, a harmonious space and a variety of leisure activities.

For more than a century connoisseurs motor yacht Feadship brand is associated with a rich history, unparalleled standards of quality, elegant design and high engineering culture. A weighty argument that – in a shipyard customer list the names of Henry Ford and Steve Forbes. &dym;Moon Sand&dym; was no exception and demonstrates a bright example of unfading style, good taste and versatility.

Feadship managed to combine the classic lines of the steel hull with aluminum superstructure of modern elements: a powerful pointy nose and smooth hull shape show worthy seafaring capabilities yacht. Reinforces the impression of the 44-meter beauty and large glass inserts on the main deck amidships.

One of the most fascinating aspects in the construction of the yacht was the use of several unique solutions. For example, the glazing, which is beyond praise. After all, to fulfill all customer requirements, “the home” design bureau Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects had to resort to a virtually frameless glazing, without “disturbing” bridges and other structures. As a result, the window to get a huge amount, without any barriers and intermediaries.
Another non-trivial solution to the ‘Moon Sand’ – pool located in the rear of the main deck. He became the measure of a truly great skill and ingenuity Feadship engineers. Designers have proposed the concept of “smart” floor, according to which part of the deck is lowered to the maximum possible depth. This pool is filled with nine tons of water in just 20 minutes. Employing a counterflow system – forced movement of water flow – a swimmer has a unique opportunity to move against the current. But that’s not all! Using a special mechanism, the pool transforms into a shallow pond for the kids or serves Jacuzzi. Plenty narezvivshis in the water, just press the button and the pond disappears below deck, forming an additional area for recreation. As a result, the owner of ‘Moon Sand’ became the owner of a unique designer pieces and elaborate space.


Loyalty to the three main components of the success of the boat: light, space and a wide choice of entertainment, and is clearly apparent in interior design, proposed by Bannenberg & Rowell Design. This wizard decor chosen for Yacht air-easy style, taking advantage of a wide range of different types of wood and interesting color combinations.
Undoubtedly, all of this – the customer’s choice, which invests in its uniqueness and each yacht Feadship built up with the smallest wishes. Indeed, even the most seemingly insignificant detail, like hooks in the bathroom, was discussed with the owners of the boat, and thus managed to achieve amazing results. Exterior ‘Moon Sand’ was very gentle and soothing, white body color is combined with dairy and gray shades of the furniture. But it is necessary to get inside, and once it becomes clear that the main advantage of designers hidden in the bowels of the boat.

The main salon ‘Moon Sand’ was conceived as a place of varied leisure activities, its organization and arrangement show an open and sociable character of the owner. Although the selected color of the furniture and decoration is very quiet, in pastel tones, the interior impresses with contrasting accents: bright cushions and textiles, decorative items and utensils.

The functional interior is divided into two parts. The sofa in the shape of a crescent, complete with a neat coffee table creates a cozy lounge for a big company. Since the owners of yachts are big fans of board games, and often spend a lot of time with their children for this exciting experience, there is now a special table. The second part of the passenger compartment reserved for the dining room that can accommodate up to ten guests. By the way, each piece of furniture got here is not casual, and has its own prehistory. For example, the idea of ​​an unusual dining table came when one of the designers of yachts, Simon Rowell, saw a future owner ‘Moon Sand’ art object of Alexander Calder. This American sculptor gained fame thanks to its dynamic abstract designs and unusual materials manufacturing. Inspired by such art, the design of the dining table tops and coffee tables using a specific technique, which allowed to link modules of different colors. The same method was used in the decoration of the floor and other furniture, “mosaic” buffets British work in the depths of which is stored porcelain, tableware and vases.

In the bow of the main deck there is an apartment owner of the yacht, including a spacious bedroom, walk-in closets and bathrooms for each of the owners. There is also provided an office, but it is clearly separated from private zone – this is a very practical solution plan.

Large double bed perfectly with a pair of barrel-shaped cabinets and floor master cabin covered with silk rugs Tai Ping, giving unforgettable tactile sensations and additional sound insulation. In turn, the designers have tried to minimize the presence of protruding sockets and wires, combining all of the wireless communication system.

The decoration of bathrooms easily differentiated by colors and equipment. So, the owner of the room has a large shower and decorated with marble shade Blue Sky, and the female version is made in marble Rose Onyx and endowed with a deep oval font.
Guest area is on the lower deck of the boat, and it can take six people in 3 cabins. Grandiose VIP-apartments are located across the entire width of the boat, they include a spacious bathroom, large separate dressing area and an additional sofa. Wall panels are finished with lacquered Corian material, famous for its unique texture. Two other cabins are located in front of the VIP-room, and their aristocratic character underline silk carpets, textiles and mosaics. It is interesting that, if desired, they can be joined into one large room, no way inferior to the size of the VIP-apartments.


Perhaps bridzhdek or upper deck may well deserve the status of the epicenter of social life. The first – a successful planning and zoning. To begin with, that the ladder maximum shifted to the bow of the boat to make more space. Right on the board, there are mini-gym equipped with a treadmill. Further, there is another large-scale facilities. Since the internal space of a smooth transition to an open area due to the huge sliding doors, it is here, as elsewhere, it is felt the scale and scope. Secondly, there is a holiday for all tastes – a large sofa corner for relax. Next to the desktop – and suddenly an urgent need to study the “hot” business pred¬¬lozhenie. From the bar with an exotic cocktail can smoothly move for a game table, and then fully to dine in the open air under the eaves visor sandeka. And third – it offers a magnificent view of the sea. A huge “shop window” shop window filled with an incredible amount of light, and opened them, there is the heady scent of the sea.

Sandek on ‘Moon Sand’ – it’s a great place for sun and air baths. Several lounges, beach lounges and poufs – and beach ready. If desired, you can arrange an open-air breakfast, but sandeka have another important purpose. The fact that the availability of a large pool-transformer eliminates the possibility of building a separate garage for a six-meter boat traveling, so its staffing storage is on sandeke. Compact davit promotes easy descent or the rise of the tender on board. Additional equipment: lifeboat, watercraft, surfboards and diving equipment, you can place either here or in the bow of the main deck. There’s another overhead crane, but only smaller.


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