Pershing 108. Race against time


The first renderings Pershing 108 &dym;appeared in 2011, it was then, at the design stage, in Yachts Review has an article about it. The official debut of the vessel took place in 2013 and “one hundred and eight” named yacht, ahead of its time. And even now there is a perception that, after so many years of eclipse Pershing 108 &dym;has not yet managed to anyone.

It is believed that there Pershing almost beyond the laws of physics. And it is no coincidence! They say that this Italian shipyard there is an unspoken rule of “40 and over”. There is a view that all vessels Pershing must move at the speed of 40 knots, regardless of size.

For this reason, at the stage of the 108th model considers several options of motorization: 2-motor, 3 motor and propulsion system (the system with water cannons gas turbines), as in the flagship Pershing 115 ‘. As a result, standard equipment Pershing 108 ‘is as follows: 3 engines MTU 16V 2000 M94 at 2638 hp each. Arneson Drives combine them with three six-bladed propellers to disperse the boat up to 42 knots. The calculations showed that this would be the best solution for the 108th and the arguments in its favor were few.

First – dimensions. Large diesel engines have occupied a significant portion of the lower deck, in particular, a fairly large space reserved for staff.
The second argument – a physical component. With three engines MTU 2000 yacht has an output of as much as 8000 hp While two large MTU engines 4000 have managed to achieve a result only 500 hp more. This relatively small difference is due to the weight of the aggregates themselves that heavier boat at 9 tonnes. And finally, the third – financial.

It’s no secret that at full speed Pershing 108 ‘burns a lot of fuel, and it is 26.5 liters per minute. At 100 nautical miles expenditure will amount to 2 tons of fuel – rather big figure. However, Pershing provides the ability to use only the central engine, or the ship can go on two motors, with a top speed of about 35 knots. Long passages at a speed of 10 knots – a distance of about 1,000 miles, the boat performs with extremely low fuel consumption on one drive and almost silently.


By the way, 108-I model is the first boat in the Pershing, which fully complies with international standards MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency). This British shipping agency, which is engaged in the development of safety standards for ships, as well as the level of water and air pollution. Say, Pershing had to make a tough decision and compromise. Here Guided by such “eco-intentions” and setting the appropriate equipment, boat weight increased significantly. Yes, it is not possible to Pershing 108 ‘to achieve the desired maximum speed of 45 knots, but all modern eco-standards have been met.

Sports flybridge perfectly fit into the profile of the vessel, while maintaining high aerodynamic characteristics and did not look overloaded boats. He seemed to be drowned in the superstructure, therefore perceived integral with the hull. It managed to accommodate all areas of great entertainment: four seats, which are arranged in the lounge chairs, U-shaped sofa and a table that can serve not only as an alternative dining, and beach club. Just remove the countertop at the table, and spread out in the spacious sofas sanpad. If guests boats tire scorching sun, in a matter of minutes is stretched bimini top. In addition, this deck has an additional remote control boat.

The staircase leads to the flybridge cockpit in the deck below, there is a cozy dining room in the open air. She has a very privileged position, because due to the fact that significantly shifted flybridge aft, dining area is open, while protected from sun and rain. Glass door, consists of independent sections electrically separates and unites at the same time feed the main cabin into a single space. Unusual furniture, a new version of Alcantara, resistant to the aggressive action of the sun and sea water, several multi-functional bar counters – all this does not leave anyone indifferent.

By the way, the bulkhead between the cockpit and cabin – excellent design solution. It serves as a breakfast bar, and for her, either partially or completely hide the glass doors, and finally, hidden inside the case TV-panel. Large windows in the lounge and in some cases even deliberately minimalist furnishings, as it frees the way for the sunlight, creating intricacies of tones and shades. And over them here did their best. Dark skin by Fendi Club House, maple panel with bright mosaics and decorative lamps Armani Casa, and colors of carpets refers to the original scheme Pershing – pearl white. It is silvery in certain lights.

The lower deck is the most wins by 3-engine solutions, it allows you to fully realize the very concept of a personalized plan. This means that the future owner has an opportunity to determine what he needs space, and even to bring to work on the interior of third-party designers. For example, in this embodiment, the Pershing 108 ‘placed on the lower deck are spacious master suites, two guest cabins and a lounge area with a home cinema. In other embodiments, the 108th model can be three guest cabins and a separate study of the boat owner. How to not get tired to stress Pershing – 108th model is really in tune with the owner.

The engine room is separated from the living area technical facilities, where various auxiliary units are located. Also, the use of a truly magnificent sound-proof materials ensures a low noise level.

Due to the fact that the add significantly shifted to the stern, in front of the main deck, it formed a huge space. And instead of a small classic sanpada, nose appeared a huge podium Sun, a full dining area, but still left a lot of space for those wishing to take a walk and get some air. Surely the owner can say a special thanks to designers for outstanding place for the storage of water toys. One garage impressive size hid under the sunbeds on the fore deck, is fit to accommodate at least a few jet skis. A stern garage quietly takes full RIB and a couple Seabob, Lampuga and other water toys.


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