Wider 150 Genesi. Idea generator


Speed, efficiency, aesthetic perfection and thus necessarily eco-friendly. All these beautiful and the correct word is not just a trend, and in some cases even a real routine for the Italian yachting market. It is perfectly understood the founder of Wider shipyard, a man with 30 years of experience creating luxury yachts, to focus on these qualities to create the first superyacht Wider

During the protracted crisis in 2010, the founder of Wider shipyard Tilli Antonelli, like any creative and energetic person realized that if and to enter the market, it is necessary to offer customers something completely new. The result is an unforgettable boat Wider 42 with sliding sides, to artificially increase the cockpit area two times and tender Wider 32. Without dwelling on this, the shipyard decided to show something more ambitious.
150-foot Genesi – this is the first superyacht, descended from slipways Wider, as well as the transition of the same name the concept of “extension” to a new level. Brand know-how is used on board twice – in the owner’s cabin on the lower deck in the flooded garage for the tender, which have called Wider beach club.
Wider was not built for a particular client, and for sale, but the owner of the shipyard yet ventured. And it did, because success is not long to wait!
And now a few figures: more than 350 m2 of outdoor spaces, 90.5 m2 – beach club area with folding sides, forming a spacious terrace on the water, 75 m2 – owner of the apartment with a terrace and balcony, and even sandek – 90 m2!
Besides the obvious, but apparently unusual for yachts of this length geometric data have been measured noise levels in different parts of the vessel. For example, when driving on a calm sea at 10 knots speed, the noise in the master cabin is 43 dB, and sandeke – 31 decibels. For reference: 45 dB in the comparative tables, the noise level is referred to as “library”. It’s more than the emotional outburst, but on sober calculation.


Such impressive performance yacht owes its power unit. Here Fulvio De Simoni, naval architect yachts pulled out of the sleeve another brilliant idea. The fact that absolutely no one wanted to give the most part of the body varnish under the engine room and the decision came from the distant past. Even in 1903, the military took a diesel generator, powered by his motors, and surplus electricity sent to the battery. This system became known as diesel-electric propulsion system. Since then it has been applied on commercial vessels and submarines. However, a breakthrough in the field of high-power battery has breathed a new meaning in this technology, making possible its use in the luxury segment.
Genesi propulsion system consists of a variable speed diesel generators which feed the so-called “Hotel” complex, and all onboard systems, driven azimuth column and simultaneously charge the battery pack. Fuel consumption depends not only on speed but also on the degree of use of a residential zone, and it is at the expense of the savings achieved. Since the generator speed of rotation varies, they spend only as much fuel as is necessary for the operation of the equipment involved in the moment, and charge the battery if necessary. Charge the battery enough to move at a speed of 5 knots for 6 hours in a so-called zero-mode exhaust or to provide electricity for the entire residential complex yachts. All drives electric power plant, and thus compact and noiseless. In addition, designers have untied the hands that came to an arrangement of elements of the system of freedom. Weight is distributed evenly, which further improves the efficiency, and to avoid loss of power or reliability of all units connected cables..
When landing on a sandbank azimuth column are protected from damage with a special protective fence in front rudder. Small angle of deadrise and sediment in the 2.2 meter allows Genesi go on relative shallow water, which denied access to most vessels of this size..
Manage all systems installed in the integrated bridge, carried out with the help of touch screens, which contain all the necessary information and yacht management tools. High-tech equipment, like in a spaceship, can adapt to the tastes of the captain.


The main feature of Wider is the idea behind its creation. Most clearly it is presented in the apartment of the owner, which is the main achievement of their size. The master cabin has three rooms: an office, a bedroom and a bathroom. What are some materials used in its decoration: travertine, zebrawood, silk, cotton, cashmere. Shell white marble, a bath made of ebony. And of course, the main highlight of the master cabin – retractable terrace of 5.6 m2. This is more than enough to set it on the table, a few chairs and just hovering above the waves, enjoy the fresh sea breeze and breathtaking views over a cup of coffee or a cocktail..
The central part of the lower deck is occupied 4 guest cabins. Two of them have VIP status, they are significantly larger than the standard suites. In addition to the large double bed in each of them has a wardrobe and a small desk with a TV. Conventional guest cabins noticeably tighter, they do not have additional tables, however, each endowed with an en suite bathroom. The beds in separate them, although they can be shifted as needed.


While on board Genesi is very easy to see the border of external and internal spaces. In this issue of Idealitalia interior designers have gone further the others – just look at the floor. Slender usual rows of teak planks are replaced by exotic zebrawood textures covering interiors Genesi. This bold asymmetrical pattern completely different colors minimalist interiors, bringing them something natural and piercingly alive..
The luxurious cabin on the main deck is very spacious and unusual. It is decorated with a huge textured metal shield, which is located near the large dining table for 10 persons, with glass top and glass feet. Modular sofas are arranged symmetrically around the tables in the center of the cabin, from which leaves 65-inch screen. To get to the salon can be the cockpit through the sliding doors and the stairs with illuminated steps from the lobby in the center of the main deck..
A reference point of the cabin on the upper deck is a bar, and the rest of the talk about the layout of the lounge is not quite right, because it is largely free. Folding glass dining table, and a pair of bright, modular sofas, along with coffee tables and leather armchairs by Poltrona Frau may at any time be rearranged. This mobility and freedom of layout is fully justified, because the boat is not built for a specific owner.

The aft upper deck is organized another dining table in the open air, along with a seating area. From the hot sun hides her stretch top bimini. Or you can go to the bow, where a white hardtop hidden another comfortable seating area. Extensive sofas, upholstered juicy bright green hues tissue grow out of nowhere in the middle of a sand-beige deck like a cool oasis in the desert suddenly emerged, revealing welcoming embrace in front of guests. These bright fabrics made from high-tech fibers – very wear-resistant, resistant to moisture and sunlight. Over time, its texture is not wax old, and colors do not fade..
During stormy weather hardtop is lowered, hiding the lounge zone and turns the nose of the closed area. Perhaps sandek on Genesi can safely participate in the ranking among the largest spaces in yachts of this size. Excess squaring be allowed to place here a huge swimming pool with salt water, but limited Wider Jacuzzi, framed by a soft sofa. Aft sandeka is a huge lounge with deck chairs and sofas turquoise, which perfectly blend with the warm sand-colored deck, as if transferring to a warm beach with turquoise Mediterranean water. There is also a small wetbar to cocktail parties and fabric canopy can be installed over the central part sandeka..
Garage on the lower deck is worth special attention. Difficult even uniquely characterize this space: as an external or internal, as the beach club or garage. This idea was the cornerstone around which was built the entire interior. The idea with the tender, swim in the garage, in itself is not new, but previously it was embodied in the courts where the larger size and, most importantly, never interpreted so multifaceted. No one had not occurred to transform the garage … in the pool! When it raised swim platform and 32-foot tender leaves in the sea side are opened and before the eyes of the amazed public, out of nowhere, there is a beach club. When tender swims inside the Beach Club again converted into a garage, all the water out of the pool release, and the tender is fixed in the recess, just repeating the shape of its bottom, as a foot in the shoe. What can I say, Wider really has the ability to go beyond the ordinary.


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