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Jubilee shipyard – is not only a pleasant event, but also a certain line, and even some responsibility. Indeed, in these moments to the company&dym;s focused attention and, of course, from her waiting for something such! Specifically, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary Custom Line gave a decent answer, presenting an excellent new yacht Navetta 37.

Jubilee shipyard – is not only a pleasant event, but also a certain line, and even some responsibility. Indeed, in these moments to the company’s focused attention and, of course, from her waiting for something such! Specifically, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary Custom Line gave a decent answer, presenting an excellent new yacht Navetta 37.

This year, the Custom Line worked tirelessly. Judge for yourself, the shipyard presented a draft of the largest yachts Navetta Series – a new flagship Navetta 42, the descent of which is scheduled in 2018. And, of course, it has demonstrated the latest advances in the new boat Navetta 37, which has taken a worthy place in the model number of semi-displacement cruising yachts Custom Line. Excellent seakeeping, combined with individually designed interior space, exclusive interiors and the latest digital electronics – these are the best ingredients for success realized in boats Navetta 37. For the first time the project was presented to the public in 2015 at the Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami, and “live “model shown at Cannes Yachting Festival and the Monaco Yacht Show 2016.

Without a doubt, the shipyard carefully reviewed all its successful solutions embodied in the yacht Navetta line and accumulated in all these years of hard work. Connoisseurs of the brand may soon breathe a sigh of relief, because the boat gave the hallmarks of the shipyard, thanks to which you can safely learn the style of Custom Line. But, of course, naval architects approached the issue with some rethinking of the functionality and appearance. On the one hand hull and superstructure do not lose connection with the previous models, on the other hand – in contrast to the traditional canons of the brand. Thus Navetta 37 has become iconic boat in the company’s history, because it is already being called the personification of the new philosophy of the shipyard: smooth movement, elegance, luxury and power.

Serious attention was paid to achieving maximum efficiency in all sea conditions. The undeniable advantage became shallow draft hull – about two meters. This allows Navetta 37 come close to the shores of the resort.
Aft successfully inherited from previous models and Navetta 28 Custom Line 108 ‘and is equipped with a proprietary Dual Mode Transom System (DMT), which lowers the garage door to the water level and easily allows you to pull the 5.5-meter tender for water. And, of course, this decision significantly expands the usable space, flows into the outdoor aft beach.

As always, Custom Line has invested considerable effort in order to perfectly organize the functional areas and moving crew. Let’s start with the fact that the terrace at the stern of the main deck – a great place for rest and relaxation under the “peak”. Giant sized sofa and a couple of recliners can easily post here numerous companies.
Another excellent example of well thought-out functionality of the system was the sliding glass doors. Just imagine this: are leaving doors open the entire gap between the cabin and cockpit, given that the full width of the boat is 8 meters. The same method is used on the upper deck, this makes it possible at any moment to relate an indoor lounge with the outside world. By the way, one sliding door windows in the main salon opposite the dining table, which essentially creates a sense of outdoor dining. The bright dining room, with its ten-serving places, give unforgettable moments of communication for an exquisite dinner.

In this embodiment, the boat lounge occupies most of the interior, and low cabinets divide its space into functional areas. The basic colors in the design of this area was the diversity of scale milk and beige shades, bringing home warmth and comfort. On their background looks very favorably contrasting coffee insert wall panels and furniture facades that emphasize the depth and volume of the space. The abundance of soft design furniture, LED lighting product lines, huge plasma and paintings on the walls complement the exquisite interior. In addition, the presence of large windows allow natural light to fill the space, and a glossy white ceiling contributes the most comfortable lighting at any time of the day.
In the central part of the deck, to starboard, the designers have equipped bright with ergonomic staircase linking the space of the upper and lower decks. Here – day bathroom, kitchen, various storage and private access to the deck for personnel.

From the lobby to the main deck also provided input into the private area of ​​the yacht owner, which includes a spacious apartment, office area, dressing room, bathroom and two bathrooms.
Cabinet-hall meets great walnut bookcase in a minimalist style with smooth facades without unnecessary details. Asymmetric bookshelf complemented with mirrors and soft lighting, and leather furniture set casts a feeling of formality and most office sets a relaxed atmosphere, just like in a small home library. The decoration of the bedroom area uses the same color contrast materials: milk high quilted headboard, bedside tables leather trim colors wenge, alternating light and dark wall coverings.

Guests can relax on the lower deck of the yacht was designed by four high-end suites with large windows, significantly increases the natural illumination of interiors. Perhaps, there is the VIP-suites in the conventional sense, as all three cabins are located in the central part of the lower deck, as if twins are identical in their design. King-size bed, spacious walk-in closets and spacious bathrooms, right in the bright marble – everything down to the smallest details in common with the interior of the master cabin. In addition, two cabins are made in the mirror and separated from the engine room bulkhead impressive with a good sound insulation. The fourth cabin unless distinguished by the presence of two single beds, and its quite limited in space and the size of the suite is really impressive.
crew accommodation area arranged in the bow portion of the lower deck, it is traditionally a separate staircase and, of course, there are all conditions for a comfortable livelihood to 6 persons. In addition to cabins with personal shower, there is provided a dining area, laundry room and several storage rooms.

Climb to the upper deck can be on the outside spiral staircase leading from the aft main deck terrace, or by using the central staircase from the lobby. At first glance, it becomes apparent that a useful top-level space is not inferior to the main deck for no footprint, no filling. The outdoor terrace is a new level of space planning and rethinking of scale. Find an open area of ​​the same size on a boat of 37 meters will be quite difficult, so is able to accommodate a full dining room for 10 people in the fresh air and a large modular sofa Gloster with a couple of comfortable chairs and a small tea table. This can definitely give unforgettable moments of communion in the fresh air. top-level salon in common with space on the main deck – a roomy C-shaped sofa, a coffee table and a small hidden behind panels 55-inch TV panel. It is unlikely that this place will remain unclaimed during the broadcast of the match, or any other interesting programs. By the way, on the upper deck there is a small interesting reception. Designers intends to donate an external board pass in favor of the spacious interior, so it also serves as a link between the aft terrace and a playground on the nose.

In the front part of the deck also has access from the wheelhouse on the upper deck or hidden stairs to the main deck bulwark. By the way, here it is equipped very interesting beach club and lounge. He is somewhat elevated above the deck due to the specific design, so bulwarks does not cover the beautiful views. At the same time a comfortable sofa with two tables, as well as the incredible size sanpad tuned to the secluded and measured rest, and have the ability to pull the top bimini, if necessary. It is possible that such a secluded lounge in the bow to the new Custom Line would become extremely private area yacht owner.
Sandek Navetta 37 – one of the key elements of the yacht. Thanks to aerodynamic hard top here you can escape the heat on a hot or organize an open-air cocktails. For these purposes envisaged See a small bar, grill, fridge and ice maker. It is next to an impressive size sofa than can also boast not every yacht of this size. Jacuzzi surrounded by sun beds in front of the trestle deck and aft – another nice addition sandeka entertainment part.

As well as all the latest models of yachts Custom Line, Navetta 37 is equipped with an infotainment system VOTIS and control convenience entertainment system yacht owner or his guests can use their smartphones or tablets.
In the basic version of the Navetta 37 is equipped with two MAN V12 capacity of 1400 hp If you want to increase the power characteristics of the boat, Custom Line offers the future owner has three possible options paired engines: MAN, Baudouin, or CAT, power 1650 hp until 1825 hp
The project Navetta 37 improved vibroacoustic characteristics of the yacht. Thus, the noise of equipment is reduced not only by careful control in the manufacturing process, but also on the correct installation of soundproof supports. The presence of electro-stabilization for better stability – another trademark of a good form of Ferretti Group, because the anchorage or adherence at high speeds, they simply must have. To whom it may seem insufficient – please, can additionally equip the boat gyrostabilizer. And, of course, branded underwater lights, which helps to maneuver at night, and just looks very nice as a whole Custom Line Navetta 37.


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