The history of the creation of the yacht Benetti 11.11 is a fascinating example of the magical transformation of a semi-finished project into a brilliant superyacht.

On the yacht you can see many interesting solutions and unusual layouts. For example, the salon begins with a bar area, followed by a relax corner with a U-shaped sofa and a curved television panel that turns this space into a cozy cinema. The magnificent dining room is located closer to the bow of the salon, there can be accommodated up to 12 guests overnight.

Today, when creating the external appearance of a yacht, marine architects are increasingly turning their eyes to innovations, boldly used by their colleagues in the ground architecture and the automobile industry. So, in the construction of Benetti 11.11, the ship received a vertical stem – a sharp nose, which is designed to dissect the waves. At the same time the hull of the yacht not only found interesting lines and unusual shape, but also became more stable and capacious. A special shape of the stern with the door lowered facilitates the descent of the required floating craft from the side.
Developing the superstructure, the team of engineers Benetti tried to give the inhabitants of the yacht an uninterrupted contact with the surrounding world. For this, in the appearance of 11.11, open planning of the decks and panoramic windows were actively involved. Designers decided that the presence of folding balconies or a beach club on a yacht is no surprise, but the arrangement of multi-level private decks, with all the preferences of the client – is what you need.
Thanks to the unique design of the case, on Benetti 11.11 huge and open spaces, and also interiors turned out. The so-called welcome zone in the cockpit, on the main deck, meets a semi-circular sofa – this space has become an ideal place for meeting guests. It is a modern combination of comfort and functionality.

The fate of Benetti 11.11 was very mixed and exciting. Just 10 months before the end of construction, the former customer refused it, but fortunately, a new owner immediately found himself, who decided to make a family yacht out of it. However, for this purpose it was necessary to make essential changes and completely to alter an interior.

The yacht makes an unforgettable impression in the evening, when 46 elements of illumination, built along the waterline of the yacht’s hull, are flooded with gentle light by a water surface. There is nothing more magical than the harmony and unity of the two elements – water and light.

The upper deck of the yacht includes both guest spaces and private areas. In the stern there is another dining room, it is a little less pompous than on the main deck, so it is more suitable for friendly dinners and parties. 12 people can dine here at once, at the same time there is also a cocktail area, and small lounge-corners. The highlight of the table top was a wide insert of milky white quartz with a chic soft backlighting – this is a real work of art.
Behind the glass doors of the upper deck, a cozy sky lounge opens up: deep sofas, low coffee tables and cozy English chairs. Smooth forms and soft-touch upholstery materials prevail here. Carefully selected exclusive books and magazines, luxurious scented candles on shelves, decorative frames with family photos, along with works of contemporary art, fill the salon space with truly home warmth. It will be pleasant to brighten up time and pamper yourself with a cocktail by a stylish bar counter. By the way, at its design was used more than a ton of exquisite Italian noble stone and a smart neon sign “Move me” – the work of British artist Tracey Emmin.

The bow of the upper deck – the so-called owner’s deck – is a private area and there is a full-size master suite. Through the panoramic windows, the apartments are flooded with light, and all this allows you to enjoy spectacular views. The central place in the owner’s cabin occupies a king size double bed with an unusual panel in the headboard. A lot of decorative folds skillfully imitate the gentle rays of the rising sun. No less delight is the ceiling area of ​​space, decorated with a voluminous composition of copper feathers, entwined in a triumphal wreath. As befits, the owner’s bathroom has a luxurious bathroom, two washbasins, exclusive faucets, elegant handles, towel holders and other stylish accessories. The dressing room is located just behind the bedroom and can be accessed either from the bathroom or from the lobby. The only drawback of this location is the loss of several meters of master cabin width due to the arrangement of the side passages, and also the pitching feeling is much higher than on the main deck.
In order to put the children’s bedroom in the apartment, the original plans for the arrangement of a large dressing room and a cabinet were revised a little. So, the office for the reception of business partners and private meetings was located next to the apartments, in a separate room, which originally was supposed to serve as a cinema. The new cabinet is equipped with a personal library, a table and banquettes.

And what about the private deck without its own terrace! The open bow is owned only by the owner, there is also a sofa lounge, and a beach club, and even Jacuzzi. Special visor, protruding above this zone, hides holidaymakers from prying eyes.
Another remarkable area for outdoor recreation is the 15-meter sandeck. Compared with the original appearance, it underwent a thorough upgrade to make room for sun and air baths. In addition, there is a whole wellness complex: a warm-up room and a shower room, clad in chic nacreous mosaic tiles and smoky quartz, the hammam itself is the main hall with special high-temperature niches and slightly heated snow-white marble. And, of course, a separate massage room. Complementing the entire spa-set is a chic pool with hydromassage effect under the open sky. A small bar area allows you to relax and have a snack. Unless it is necessary to take into account that due to the location of the wheelhouse on the sandeck, guest private zones are practically absent in the open air.
Another great place for reincarnation was the garage zone Benetti 11.11. Previously, it was designed to accommodate a respectable Rolls-Royce Phantom. The current owner of the boat focused not only on the aesthetic component, but also on the practicality of using the aft space of the deck. Therefore, he gave his preference to a full-fledged water limousine. In addition, for daily walks in the yacht’s tender garage there is a 6-meter RIB and a whole arsenal for fun on the water. This and several Seabob, water skiing, personal kayaks, windsurfing boards, snorkeling equipment, swimming pool, Paddleboard, inflatable climbing wall, imitating a steep mountain and a water slide.

The interior of the yacht is designed in the Art Deco style – it looks easy, modern and very home-like. Unobtrusive gray color scheme contrasts perfectly with panels of brown polished walnut, steel and silver inlay. Upholstered furniture also deserves special attention. Trend sofa groups, consisting of multi-seat modules, are complemented by a low coffee table with soft upholstered sidewalls – all for the safety of even the youngest guests of the yacht. In a word, everything you need for a chic family vacation.
Adds the magical charm of this deck to the panel with colorful interactive butterflies. When someone approaches the panel, the images of the insects come to life and tend to flutter out to meet them. This work of art leads to the genuine delight of absolutely all guests of the yacht. Separate attention deserves the delightful lobby and the contrast ladder of the main deck. It is clothed in sparkling Italian marble and balustrades made of stainless steel.

The bow of the main deck, which is often used as a luxury for the owner, is given for VIP apartments. As a matter of fact, two “masters” were placed on this yacht, which would be a really good advantage if the owner would take the yacht on charter. Literally in every subject of decor, natural motifs prevail here: in table and floor lamps, utensils and textiles, panels, passepartout, wall-mounted hand-made installations. Every small detail of the interior contains a deep meaning and its history of appearance here. Another four guest suites are located on the lower deck, each of them is endowed with an individual design. Two cabins with spacious double beds and beautiful bathrooms of Italian marble, and the other two are not inferior in their decoration and beauty, the only difference is that the guests are offered individual sleeping places.


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