The ideas and technologies embodied in this yacht are able to be the benchmark for other players in the yacht industry.The ideas and technologies embodied in this yacht are able to be the benchmark for other players in the yacht industry. People who are crazy about the sea breeze and salty spray, but approaching the issue of comfort pedantically and thoroughly – these are those who like the new Navetta 33 from the Italian custom Line Custom Line.

Custom Line Navetta 33 is not only a new model in the shipyard model line, it’s more. Released after the 37th, it gained great popularity even before launching. Professionals from the automotive and aerospace industries have joined the work on the 33-meter project. Together with the Zuccon International Project, the developers from the Ferretti Group came to a completely new vision of the concept of the Navetta 33. The most notable innovation is the exterior, in which there is little left of its predecessor Navetta 33 Crescendo.

The design of the new yacht has been carefully reworked. The displacement body is characterized by improved stabilization and lack of vibration, over which the Ferretti Group engineers have worked particularly carefully since the Navetta 37. The Navetta 33 profile became more dynamic due to the “muscular” superstructure, which is much wider than its predecessor – 7.68 meters. Bulwark partially replaced by tinted glazing. A good balance of the Navetta 33 is complemented by a nasal bulb that helps to reduce the wave impedance. As a consequence, the speed and efficiency of the vessel increases, and the fuel consumption is reduced.

Along with the changes in appearance, the technical capabilities of Navetta 33 also reached a new level. Electro-hydraulic stabilizing fins come as standard, while Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizers are an option. Particular attention was paid to noise reduction and a reduction in vibration levels. The guests of the yacht, perhaps, will not notice such innovations as the Wulkan transmission units with flexible connections that absorb the “thrusts” of the propeller shafts and reduce the level of noise, but all these invisible engineering solutions increase the level of comfort. And in general, such a serious approach is found on ships with a length of 40 meters.

There are three options for motorizing the yacht with MAN and Caterpillar engines. The standard configuration is a pair of MAN V12 diesel, with a capacity of 1400 hp, with a maximum speed of 15 knots, and a cruising speed of 12 knots. In the maximum version with two MAN for 1650 hp. the yacht will be able to develop 16 knots. The Navetta 33 also has an economical cruising speed mode, it is equal to 10 knots for any motorization option. The range at this speed is 1850 nautical miles, which will be enough for a long cruise in the Mediterranean.

The first step on board and guests meets the aft part with the patented technology Dual-Mode Transom (DMT). As the name says, the yacht has two variants of transformation. The first is up. The garage door, with a light touch of the remote, turns into a bathing platform. In the second mode, the platform completely falls under the water, and the garage is filled with water, allowing a 5-meter tender to swim out of it.
The lounge zone of the main deck is a large sofa that, if desired, is transformed into a sandpad thanks to a backrest on special skids. In front of the sofa are a few elegant armchairs and a pair of coffee tables.

On board Navetta 33 you feel the simplicity of lines and free space: continuous communication with the sea, large windows, modern and attractive decor. To ensure that the sensation of the sea is not lost even from the most remote corners of the room, the CL Navetta 33 has a balcony, which is formed by reclining a section of bulwarks. It is located in the main salon and is a highlight of the interior. In addition to the excellent view, the glass balcony door serves as the most powerful source of natural light. If necessary, the glass door to the interior is closed by a curtain with an electric drive, completely transferring the cabin to a private area.

In other respects, the main salon can be called traditional. The lounge is located at the entrance, next to the sliding doors and opposite the balcony – from here, from a large corner sofa, sea views are opened and a gentle breeze is felt. Also for the guests an entertaining component is provided, a 55-inch TV panel with VOTIS system is lowered from the ceiling, providing access to a large media library. To improve access to the Internet, developers offer the use of two independent networks of Wi-Fi. They can be used simultaneously to improve the reception of content. Or, as an option, one network will be at the disposal of boat guests, and the second – for monitoring the vessel’s systems and for personnel use.

In the bow of the salon there is a dining room for 10 people. Its furnishings are presented with a dining set with a glass top made of smoky color from B & B Italia. The table is complemented by chairs covered with white cloth, with a base of black elm.

Minimalism in recent years is very popular on yachts due to its internationality. This architectural style is “his” anywhere in the world. On the Navetta 33 minimalism is complemented by elements in the style of modern classics. The concept of a “transparent” boat was introduced by the Zuccon International Project in order to destroy physical and visual barriers. But the important task was to create a warm cozy space, and not a cold loft. This is why the walnut was chosen as the main finishing material, which is supplemented by an abundance of mirrors and glass partitions. Poltrona Frau’s leather trim adorns the walls in salons, headboards and bed bases. Mirror surfaces in the interior of Navetta 33 are applied so skillfully that they expand the boundaries of space in both small and rather spacious rooms. For example, the combination of mirror and matte panels in the cabin creates the effect of high and voluminous ceilings, as well as the feeling of a high atrium.

After an elegant hall with an equally elegant staircase, as well as a day toilet and a closet, you can go to the owner’s cabin on the bow of the main deck. In addition to the luxurious view from the windows and a good location, the master suites boast an excellent range of amenities for a comfortable cruise. The separate entrance hall at the entrance to the apartment serves also as a small office, where the desk is located. From here, there is an exit to the dressing room with such sizes and luxurious finishes, which are not found on every superyacht. Black lacquered walls are complemented with parquet flooring of graphite color, and all furniture is finished with wooden veneer. The second closet is in the sleeping area next to the bed, its mirror facades allow you to skilfully hide its real dimensions. The bed with a beige leather headboard is shaded with matt panels of walnut and is complemented by bedside tables of the same shade and texture. The basement illumination of the bed gives lightness and airiness to the entire sleeping area. Bathroom for “him” and “her” is connected by a transparent shower. The decor and decoration uses Jerusalem’s marble and elegant Italian plumbing.

Apartments for guests are on the lower deck and differ in the level of comfort that is inherent in the master cabin. This applies to furniture, decoration materials, beds with leather-trimmed headboards and socle lighting. Altogether on the lower level, several guest cabins – 1-2 VIP in the entire width of the boat (one of them can become the second master suite), and one standard. Each has a wardrobe, a large TV and an office table. All cabins, as well as bathrooms, are fairly well lit by natural light that penetrates through large windows. This Navetta 33 has a four-lane layout, but the Custom Line offers a layout with 5 cabins.

On the upper deck you can get from the central lobby or climb up the open stairs from the cockpit of the main deck. Here you can relax in the panoramic lounge, equipped with a pair of L-shaped sofas. The dining table with a teak top and a stainless steel base is designed for 10 people.

The upper salon is designed as a comfortable cinema. In the console, in front of the large–shaped sofa with a coffee table in a colonial style, a TV-panel hides. The multimedia system has high sound and video quality, and is also designed for use on open decks, without degrading the quality.


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