Once this shipyard made an incredible transformation in the creation of high-speed and super comfortable yachts.Once this shipyard made an incredible transformation in the creation of high-speed and super comfortable yachts. They possessed such power and speed, which is found only on sports boats such as offshore powerboat. And although it’s becoming more difficult to surprise the sophisticated audience, it seems that for Pershing even now it is not difficult.

Pershing 9X became the second vessel with the index “X”. With this mark, the shipyard marks its “jet” boats. Like the predecessor 5X, the new Pershing 9X is designed on the basis of a well-proven 28-meter body, tested on Pershing 92. But the novelty is substantially refined and absorbed the most modern technology.
In the construction of the hull, superstructure and deck structures, in addition to fiberglass and carbon, composite materials were used. For the case, a combination of fiberglass and vinyl ester resins was used, which have very good water-resistant qualities and prevent the formation of microcracks. As a result, the center of gravity of Pershing 9X has shifted below, which significantly improves maneuverability and stability and, accordingly, increases efficiency. For the comfort of anchorage, two gyrostabilizers are responsible. Despite the fact that they are an option, their location in the engine room was calculated at the design stage.

Pershing 9X continues the lineup of the new exterior design of the so-called “winged” yachts. These attributes of Pershing are due to Fulvio De Simoni. Firm arches are a continuation of the bulwark and connect the stern of the yacht with sandek. We will not mention how much the silhouette of a yacht benefits from their presence, but these elements perform not only an aesthetic function. First, they make the movement along the side passages safer, and secondly – improve aerodynamics. Usually, when the yacht moves, the superstructure closes the stern from the oncoming air streams. The zone of low pressure, which forms at the stern, tightens splashes and water vapor on the deck – the Pershing wings solve this problem.

Under the Pershing 9X deck is about 5200 hp. – The vessel is equipped with two engines of the new generation MTU 16V 2000 M96L with 2638 hp. each.

Semi-submerged propellers leaving under the water only partially, are not needed at all to lift a beautiful pillar of foam behind the stern, but to minimize the resistance. The practical reason for using them is only one – speed. But even if the half-submerged propellers did not give any practical benefits, they should be used only to ensure that the Pershing 9X, flying at all pairs, threw back a fountain of foam and spray. This view is impressive!

The speed of the boat for planing is 17 knots, in this mode the engines run quietly. The declared cruising speed of Pershing 9X is 38 knots, and the maximum speed is 42 knots. Control over this power is carried out from the captain’s bridge on the main deck. The joystick controls not only propellers, but also thrusters, located in the bow and stern. With their help, the yacht can literally rotate in place – such ability is difficult to overestimate in the conditions of small Mediterranean harbors.
On the instrument panel there are 3 touch screens Naviop-Simrad. Their interchangeability allows you to choose what to display on each of them, for example: navigational data, the state of the engines, the signal from the surveillance cameras, etc. Steering wheel Xenta Systems uses the technology of steer-by-wire. Once the direction is selected, you can remove your hands from the steering wheel and it will return to its original position under its own weight. The yacht will follow the specified course.

Perhing 9X is speed and space. Behind the garage door is a three-meter tender and a water motorcycle, and the bathing platform can be actively used for a beach club near the water. Aft cockpit meets a huge stove and a full dining room, while leaving a half-empty deck. As one of the options, the table top with the help of the electric drive falls, forming an additional lounge for rest in the shade. On the bow deck is also located one more rest area, which is shaded if necessary by a huge canopy. Here, under the mattresses on the main deck are spacious storage. In general, one of the significant advantages of Pershing 9X is that the boat seems very elegant and compact, with the space of a truly large vessel.
On yachts of this size it is supposed to have an upper control post, located separately on the sandek. It has exactly the same functionality as the deckhouse on the main deck, including three comfortable seats. In addition, sandec also boasts generous leisure areas, including a stern lounge and a large solarium.

Passing through the glass door dividing the cockpit and the saloon, you feel like everything here is literally filled with sunlight. The invariable element of the Pershing interior is the almost continuous line of windows, which opens up a circular view to the audience. Even stylistic jumpers can not weaken this sensation, and the white floor, ceiling and furniture increase the overall brightness, which makes the interior very attractive. Is that the dark carpet and glossy inserts dilute the snow-white sterility. By the way, the sliding door pulls aside and disappears completely in the bulkhead, also connecting the cockpit and saloon, forming a single space of collosal dimensions.

The interior of the main salon is 100% determined by the wishes of the customer. There is a dining room for 8 people and an umbrella sofa that can accommodate approximately the same number of guests. Obviously, there is still plenty of free space left in the cabin, which, if desired, can be given for additional interior items.

A staircase near the captain’s bridge leads to the lower deck, where the owner’s and guests’ cabins are located. There are several options for planning this deck. The three-cabin version assumes the presence of a lower cabin with a large U-shaped sofa and a coffee table. Four-cabin consists of two symmetrically located guest cabins. In addition, there are a lot of options for the bathroom in the master cabin and dressing room in the VIP cabin. In short, when choosing a layout, the customer has something to think about.
The location of the owner’s cabin is invariably in any of the layout versions – in the widest part of the hull, making up almost 6 meters. It looks very spacious and roomy. Opposite the bed is a wall with a large screen and a lot of lockers, at the left side – a dressing table, right under the window – a desk. The glazing of the master cabin is in no way inferior to the main salon, so there is another illusion – it seems that the room has panoramic windows, as in one of the large superyachts with master suites on the main deck. The bathroom is located behind the bed occupying a central position in the apartments and, along with the crew compartment, serves as an additional soundproof buffer. There are several options for planning this space: two bathrooms – both with showers, or one with a large Jacuzzi, or one room is given for a large dressing room.

If the owner’s cabin is arranged quite traditionally, the VIP cabin is decided out of the box. To escape from the standard layout, due to the structure of the hull in the bow, the designers decided to arrange the bed at an angle of 45 degrees. Also, the features of the beveled walls designers turned into an advantage, using them under the seats to sit in the sleeping area and an enlarged-sized shower cubicle. So the premises remain spacious and very ergonomic.

Between the toilet room in the owner’s apartment and the engine room is the crew area, creating also additional sound insulation with engine room. Two suites for four team members with their own showers are combined with a large professional kitchen and a dining corner.


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