The shipyard Cantiere delle Marche from year to year launches yachts that are not afraid of the stormy sea and strong wind. It creates a body that can withstand even the most difficult transitions, making them safe and comfortable. A classic all-weather explorer of the open spaces with a steel hull and aluminum superstructure, whose open decks are completely covered with teak – this is all about the new Darwin 102 ‘named’ Galego ‘.

Sea voyage far from borders and conventions gives man complete freedom. The 31-meter yacht ‘Galego’, like the entire Darwin Class, was created for a long stay at sea far from the developed infrastructure. Explorers of this size are very economical and safe, and comfort and amenities on board are more than enough for all guests.

Thanks to the diligent work of the CDM shipyard and the Hydro Tec engineering office in the field of design and marine technology, the Darwin Class 102 ‘has shown significant results in three key marine characteristics. Firstly, ‘Galego’ has a high level of seaworthiness, which can be equated with full-value expedition yachts. Having a large power reserve, it is quite possible to make ocean crossings and enter such exotic areas where other yachts are closed. The case of Darwin Class 102 ‘is made of steel sheets with a thickness of 12 millimeters, and the superstructure is made of light aluminum.

The second plus in the money box ‘Galego’ is management and sustainability. In addition to 11-ton ballast tanks, the whole system is complemented by a pair of roll stabilizers with the Zero Speed ​​function.

The third feature is its autonomy. For uninterrupted power supply, three Kohler diesel generators are installed, the capacity of the fuel bunker is 40 tons, the drinking water is 6 tons, supplemented with 2 sea water desalters. And plus large volumes of sewage tanks with a purification system that is designed to work 365 days a year.
The engine room and garage, which can be accessed from the bathing platform, fully reflects the philosophy of this boat. Everything is designed and arranged according to the criteria that are usually used on expedition vessels exceeding 40 meters in length.

Garage, there are places for storing water-toys: several Sea Bob, kayaks, surfboards and diving equipment, and there is enough space on the bathing platform to store a jet ski or an inflatable boat. A six-meter tender, capable of delivering guests from the side to the beach or approaching an unequipped beach, is planned to be stored on the upper deck, where it is lowered by water using a hydraulic gantry crane.

The thoughtfulness of all available space, the interior, as well as the exterior of the ship are extremely spacious and welcoming. Extensive portholes make this yacht comfortable and bright, while maintaining the classic style of the exterior.

Two gangways on either side of the bathing platform lead to the main deck. In the stern there is a lounge with a rectangular table and a sofa with decorative pillows. This zone, although it is in the open air, but completely hides under the overhang of the upper deck, which will be very useful in bad weather or, conversely, in a very bright sun.

In the main salon you can go through the sliding glass door from the stern or through the waterproof door on the starboard side, which will be used to a greater extent by the staff. The salon occupies a significant part of the main deck. Sofas are facing each other, and the armchairs close a cozy zone for communication of a large company. In the depths there is a rectangular mahogany table for 8 people and a bar corner.
The guest cabin is made in classical style, but with modern notes. All the furniture from natural wood in brown tones contrasts with bulkheads and ceiling panels, covered with light skin. In all rooms, almost no carpets are used, but only natural wood, creating the feeling of an authentic wooden deck. The simplicity and purity of the lines is complemented by gilded fittings and modern art items that “saturate” the interior with luxury details. In general, the interior design indicates a similarity to the nineteenth-century English style, indirectly referring to Charles Darwin’s famous round-the-world journey.

In the bow of the same deck is not the owner’s cabin, but the crew compartment. It has three cabins with bunk beds and bathrooms. In the crew area there is a wardroom for the team, a kitchen and other common areas.

The main goal of creating ‘Galego’, in any sea voyages, is to provide comfort to the owner and guests. Therefore, it was decided to place the master suites and all guest cabins on the lower deck, since this is the quietest place when rolling. There is a wooden staircase with a soft warm lighting. Master cabin was very spacious – from side to side. In the sleeping area there is a king-size bed, a desk and a cozy library, complete with a classic armchair with a high headboard, in the second part of the apartments there is a large bathroom with separate toilet and shower and a roomy dressing room. Three cabins on the same deck are ready to receive 6 more guests. Two standard suites are mirrored on the right and left side with single beds, with bathrooms, a toilet and a full-length shower. The VIP cabin is located in the bow and is raised above the general level of the deck. In all bathrooms, classic wooden panels with onyx coatings and gilded faucets perfectly match.

Two additional berths can be found on the upper deck, if the owner is also a captain in one person, as often happens on yachts of this type. In the immediate vicinity there is a navigation bridge. On the same deck is an informal Skylaunge, which will be simply indispensable for an afternoon rest for guests, watching TV or board games. The entire cabin occupies space from side to side and has excellent natural lighting due to large rectangular portholes. It is bordered by an open dining room where a large round table is completely closed from the day sun by the sandek deck and there is also a grill-barbecue. For those wishing to contemplate the picturesque views of the ‘Galego’, there are mattresses for tanning and a sofa in the bow of the upper deck.

Sandec at Darwin Class 102 ‘surpasses in size similar spaces on 30-meter yachts. The deck itself has become truly multi-purpose. In the bow is a small pool with Jacuzzi. It is rationally integrated into the lounge zone, successfully supplemented with turquoise-colored tan mattresses. The entire bow around Jacuzzi is protected by tinted windshields, which makes it possible to use the swimming pool and sandpads with comfort not only when staying in the port, but also during sea crossings. In the center of sandek there is a cocktail area with a refrigerator, ice maker and a place for storing tableware. In the stern there is a large–shaped sofa from side to side. The folding dining table also contributes to a full meal, especially given that, at the request of the owner, this deck can be equipped with a small elevator to pick up dishes from the galley kitchen.

Maximum speed, which develops on two engines CAT C18 Acert for 680 hp each is 13 knots. Let it not the most outstanding result, but the range of navigation is 4,700 miles at 9.5 knots.


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