Riva 122 Mythos


From mahogany to fiberglass, from fiberglass to aluminum … The most intriguing project of Riva has finally become a reality. Riva 122 Mythos – the largest yacht in the history of the shipyard, building of which was built entirely of aluminum.

When the company Riva just announced its new 38-meter flagship project with aluminum body – it was quite revolutionary news that radically affect all previous ideas about the development of the shipyard, known for its flawless execution of yachts and pleasure boats. The thing is that Riva – one of the few yards of world renown, which creates a design and engineering solutions that define yachting fashion for decades to come. The descent of the first body 122 Mythos only confirms all of the above – in the lineup Riva has a new masterpiece.
Body length of 38 m was designed for high-speed planing. The yacht has become a refined version of a sports coupe with a maximum speed of 28.5 knots. Design has traditionally been entrusted to the creator of the modern style of Riva – Mauro Micheli of Officina Italiana Design. Architecture and Marine Engineering developed in conjunction with the Advanced Yacht Technology and the Centro Stile. But the big surprise is the distribution of production at the shipyard known for its mega yacht CRN, a division of Ferretti Group.
Style trends dating back to the model Riva 86 ‘Domino and has all the same advantages – perfect balance and smooth lines. On the outside, designers focused on creating an elegant and harmonious profile sports, but devoid of aggression. Obviously, the first project of this size should be a new vector for the next prime minister of the company.
Special mention deserves the glazing, is an example of perfectly balanced style of Riva. Externally-looking cast, high glass panels serve as the walls of the superstructure. It’s also affected the bridge, which is designed almost entirely in the “dome” of tempered glass. In addition, on each side of the housing integrated “seamless” glass strip windows with opening porthole.
Impressive and there are a range of original engineering solutions. The yacht was built in accordance with modern environmental requirements, but demonstrates a simply outstanding high-speed data. Two diesel engines MTU issue to 3510 liters. p. each and cruise speeds up to 26 knots 122 Mythos will be held over 400 miles. Vysokotehno-logical system drive shaft is connected to the adaptive transmission, reducing vibration and noise. For maximum efficiency, the movement developed separately screws and pitching dynamic stabilization technology is based on ABT-TRAC.

Already from the first step on the bathing platform can be assessed specifically by electrohydraulic systems. From the center of the platform automatically pops up and splits wide staircase covered with teak bathing with an extra section that is completely immersed in water. Technology more comfortable for guests present difficult.
Garage outside the department is divided into two sections: one for the 5-meter tender, the other – for the scooter or other high-tech water toys. The descent technique goes fully automatically using electrohydraulic systems.
The total width of the body 122 Mythos is 7.60 m, and most obviously, it feels at once spacious cockpit – in fact we are talking about the standards of megayachts. Outdoor lounge complemented by a rectangular table in polished steel and wood. High bulwarks provide security even after planing, although the outstanding performance characteristics of leaves only the possibility to hold your breath and enjoy the freshness of the sea.
An interesting feature of the cabin on the main deck is the glazing. In assessing the exterior windows looking forward to the unique shape and inside, but are charmed by the proportional rectangular section, fits perfectly into the overall concept of the modern interior. Thanks to the glass doors separating the inner area of the cockpit, not broken integrity of deck space, and in the daytime salon does not require artificial lighting.
As for the interior layout, it is designed to trifles, though, and reflects modern minimalism. Materials such as wood, chrome steel, glass and leather, formed the basis of the interior. Coffee tables, rugs, lamps and many other items designed exclusively known design companies. With built-in walls and ceiling multimedia systems, laid-back holiday in the area with sofas turns into a movie or game room. If dinner on the cockpit for some reason inconvenient, the salon serves a large glass table. By the way, on the main deck designed kitchen, the design of which, together with integrated appliances correspond to the general style of the new boats.

Important feature of the new 122 Mythos looks bridge passed to an intermediate level between the main deck and sandekom. Control room set up almost entirely of glass and dark composite. Naviga Zion tools selected from the most modern electronics and complies with the principle of total control of the route, the external environment, all operating power systems, the level of comfort in the saloon and cabins.
In an effort to accommodate all preferences of customers, the company has prepared a surprise Riva, which will evaluate the merits of the new project. The fact is that the layout of the lower deck can vary depending on the customer’s wishes. Thus, the lower deck are designed with a different number of cabins: 3 to 5. In the first embodiment, the master stateroom is located on the lower deck megayacht at the apartment with large extra room (bathroom, dressing room and so on), or recreational areas, and serves two VIP -kayuty. The second and third options suggest a slight reduction in the area of the master cabin and divergent combinations guest rooms: two cabins on both sides and one VIP wide body, or just two cabins on each side. All cabins can be made out on the basis of individual vision of the owner: the type of wood or fabrics, colors, additional electronics and so on.
On an individual project, the first body 122 Mythos created with 3 cabins. Master cabin width from side to side fully reflect the exclusive style of Riva, in which natural wood combined with brown leather brand «Africa» and chrome detailing of steel. On each side are not only windows, but also to open the windows. On the contrary a large double bed originally proposed rectangular furniture unit with TV panel 46 “, which automatically slides out of a special unit. Also on the starboard side organized a small lounge, and from the left – an open office with a desk. Interior toilet room with shower and sauna, fully consistent with the overall style, but in the ensemble of glass, wood and metal organically added the white marble of Thassos.

VIP-cabins are located on each side and mirror each other. Their interior decor is based on the owner’s suite, as well as the materials used (Canaletto walnut for furniture facades and skin). Cabins are presented with individual toilet rooms and dressing rooms, and a cabin with twin beds original way provided an extra bed, which in normal times, just hidden in one of the partitions.
In accordance with modern standards and made the crew area in front of the boat: cabin captain, crew and cabin.

Home Mythos open area 122 is shown in sandeke and includes a mini-pool with lots of options such as lights or hydro. Close to the swimming pool adjacent mini-bar with integrated appliances, which easily allow to enjoy a drink without leaving the pool. Large lounger for relaxing under the sun also borders the pool. It is made of high quality plastic material, not only a pleasant tactile, but also has a high level of water resistance. In addition to rest, sandek may be another area of management – a navigation bar with touch screen provides maximum control over the boat and out of operation can be completely hidden in a special sealed box. From the standpoint of design sandek, even despite the radar, almost merges with the overall design of the superstructure and does not affect the sports profile.
Presenting 122 Mythos, the company Riva really opened a new milestone in its history and has seriously affected the entire segment of sports yachts premium. This is a project in the modern corporate style of the shipyard, but with a new level of security, performance and seaworthiness cruise range. Moreover, the premier yacht with a body made of aluminum will be only the first step in the new strategy, because the shipyard has already announced future lineup of exclusive mega-yachts made of steel.


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