Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28


If a perfect balance of design and technology already looks familiar to any of the models Ferretti Custom Line, then the revolutionary engineering innovation is always awaited with interest. At this time the absolute innovation has become a unique technology operation of the feeding area, allowing talk about a real breakthrough in the organization of the beach clubIf a perfect balance of design and technology already looks familiar to any of the models Ferretti Custom Line.

Among the latest projects Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 is the model was an example of the real possibilities of the company in the creation of a truly high-tech products. The list of innovations is very serious and the yacht was really well balanced and with the position of the design, and how exposure platform ideas of modern engineering.
In the segment of semi-displacement Navetta 28 received the highest category of seaworthiness. Architecture and planning decks are comparable to rates of at least 50-meter housing, and the customer is given the opportunity to choose the interior designer.
Fiberglass hull was created based on the latest approaches in the use of vacuum infusion method that led to good results in the ratio of the thickness of the body, its rigidity and weight. Quality materials guarantee global standards longest operation even in the face of constant high temperatures. Noise and vibration are also made in several levels with the use of modern materials.
Yacht design studio has developed Zuccon International Project. Unique exterior profile unconventionally combines smooth rounded shape with sharply contrasting glazing in the case. Neither yacht of similar size can boast such a large panoramic windows at once in 4 guest cabins.
Revolutionary discovery was patented technology and a dual operation of the feeding area – Dual Mode Transom, which is exclusively designed research centers AYT & D, Centro Stile and well-known manufacturer of electro-hydraulic systems by Besenzoni. Swim platform and garage department became part of a unified network engineering. Sealed transom bulkhead fitted with electrohydraulic and can be opened in two directions: just go up and open the garage for 4.5 meter tender or lie in one plane with a swim platform, thereby forming a spacious beach club. Appeared completely unexpected and a garage, which is filled with water, and tender leaves the yacht is moored or under its own power. This was made possible thanks to the automation in the central part of the swim platform, adapted for dipping. When tender launched, another electro-hydraulic drive pushes his place covered with teak additional platform. Thus, the Beach Area area is 15 m2 and has no analogues in the amount of housing.

For access to the cockpit with a swim platform provides broad steps on each side. You can also use the automatic sliding ladder. The cockpit is a comfortable interior and exterior completely closed canopy of the upper deck, without requiring additional protection from the sun. From the main salon cockpit separates sliding glass panel, whose height is equal to the height of all levels. Planning interior may further include a mini-bar with bar and built-in equipment, which is located in the corner on the right side. Interiors and furniture for lounge customer will be chosen independently, but the engineering aspect of even the basic version does not require any modifications. With the iPad and wireless connection is controlled by the entire entertainment system, LED lighting, temperature and blinds. TV screens on the cockpit and the cabin built into the ceiling section and automatically nominated after the remote signal. If necessary, the application of the system can be extended to other areas of the yacht and install the controller directly to a personal device owner. The technology was developed by special order and was named VOTIS (Videoworks One Touch Infotainment System).
In addition to the main deck cabin together well equipped professional kitchen, a passage which provides not only from the interior, but also on the starboard side of the deck, as well as with the crew area.

Like the big yachts, owner’s suite is also presented on the main deck and take the maximum possible width of the hull. Electron-tion control life support systems and entertainment similar to the technology used in the cabin, and the size of the windows so big that we can talk about the new standards in the cabins at this level. Interior finishing the first model to use a combination of conventional and bleached oak, leather, glass, mosaic and marble, but it will all depend on the preferences of the owner.
Guest rooms are designed on the lower deck. On the parameters of each cabin includes 4 large double or twin beds, comfortable bathrooms, walk-in closets, and may correspond to the category VIP. Artificial lighting and ventilation are made at the highest level, but the leading role assigned to an amazing panoramic windows that do not have at the moment, even the approximate equivalent. Originally created and portholes that have integrated directly into the glass, rather than to fix them to the frame of the individual composite. Design windows received a special certificate and passed a series of hydrostatic tests.
The most romantic part of the new Navetta 28 has become the upper deck. Up here with a comfortable cockpit stairs of steel and teak, or the hall of the main deck. A significant area of the level is designed as an open lounge, but if necessary, you can install additional equipment and store the second tender and water toys. Perfect design idea design looks semicircular glass partitions for a closed compartment, which serves as a dining area with a panoramic view of 230 °. Additionally, the partition can be equipped with electric drive, but without all of this deck is controlled electronically.

The height of the upper deck has provided an advantage for review from the navigation bridge. In this embodiment, a boat manned multifunctional devices Simrad last generation. Pass the bridge is possible from both sides, where additionally installed auxiliary instrument panels to optimize the process of mooring or maneuvering.
As one of the advantages Navetta 28, you can specify a full sandek, which became an additional level add-ins in addition to three full decks. Next to the radar mast installed equipment for the preparation of cocktails and snacks. Minibar includes oven-grill, sink, ice maker and so on. Optional boat owner can rely on the installation of a compact spa pool and automatic control of water temperature.
Seaworthiness Navetta 28 cruises let you go in a variety of sea conditions. Two engines MAN have 1200 hp each. In economy mode up to 10 knots boat will take about 1,400 nautical miles, but always remains a possibility and a significant acceleration of up to 16 knots. For maximum comfort standard set electrohydraulic fin stabilizers technology zero-speed, but additionally possible to order and gyrostabilizers that will improve and so vivid impressions of the new Navetta 28.


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