Pershing 70



Design, speed, comfort, technology … Pershing 70 belongs to a new generation of sports planing yacht company in size between 60 and 80 feet and has become a major shipyard on the premiere boat show in Cannes.

The new models from Pershing is all glorious than this famous company – another preview of the boat praised as colleagues, the journalists you, and fans of the brand, traditionally adhering to an active lifestyle. Development of marine features 70-foot project is well-known design offices Advanced Yacht Technology and the Centro Stile, and the design presented Fulvio de Simoni.
Exterior Pershing 70 retains all proprietary characteristics of the brand, but there were some notable differences. Like other models of the company, the design of the new building is seen only in a limited range of colors. For a wide display selected classics style Pershing – dark silver metallic combined with graphite hard top. At the same time, for the first time in architecture have unusual krylopodobnye arches with glass inserts, gradually descending from hard-stamp the bulwarks on the cockpit. In conjunction with the glazed superstructure, which in this configuration previously present only in the older models, the yacht was very bright, dynamic design.
The aft area is designed based on the already proven engineering and design solutions. Covered with teak swim platform and operatively connected to the garage of the department, is designed to store the tender level Williams Turbojet 325, 3.3 m long. With the help of hydraulics and electronics newest special garage door automatically rises, and the additional inner platform partially submerged, allowing you to quickly pull tender on special guides.

Cockpit and the entire main deck to get a great finish teak. Restorations-ling cockpit led to a noticeable increase in its area and improve the overall ergonomics. Wide lounger for sunbathing combined with a comfortable sofa and seating serving submitted two folding tables, painted in body color. For protection from excessive solar activity in hard-top built a special tent with electric and automatic control. Next to the closed part of the state is a built-in bar with all necessary appliances. Automatic completely removes the glass partition between the cabin and the cockpit that transforms the entire deck into one large lounge.
Glazed cabin Pershing 70 is practically around the perimeter and is limited only by the elements of the support structures that will not affect the panorama in 360 °. Additionally, you can always press the control button and the hard part will stamp.
Materials for Interior owner always chooses himself, but on board any of the models Pershing rarely missing furniture in soft leather and natural wood.
Despite the size of the body, the architecture of the lower deck is adapted to create a custom layout and requires an option with one or two guest cabins, not counting the master cabin. Thus, the customer has the opportunity to get their hands on an additional lounge with kitchenette or a universal second cabin with twin beds, all guest areas are equipped with individual toilets with showers. But the focus still attracts owner’s cabin, which would be more correct to call the apartments. During the movement of large panoramic windows create a sense of immersion in the marine environment and perfectly illuminate the cabin during the day. Portholes built right into the box and can be easily opened. For the owner of the apartment assigned to all possible breadth of the hull, and their total area is almost comparable to that seen in the familiar sufficiently large yachts. Interior decoration has become a dividing wall between the bedroom and bathroom, which originally decorated with horizontal metal strips of different colors, creating the sun custom color scheme.

Since the style and materials in-terrier entirely will depend on the owner, the shipyard and the possibility of technical thought through customization. Significant difference from similar models from other manufacturers became possible to install in different parts of yacht special control blocks MOSFET (technology of radio-electronic components based on semiconductor materials), which can significantly reduce the number of cables on board. Instead of numerous buttons and switches on the dashboard can be used standardized technology through touch screens NAVIOP, installed on the navigation bar and additionally in any other area. The company’s engineers have developed 10 technical “packages” that are comparable with what is set on megayachts. Also, the reference blocks on special order are integrated with the latest systems audio / video entertainment from the company Videoworks. Just use a regular iPad, and any audio or video will be displayed on said screen at a certain point of the yacht. All this can be used in cabins and supplemented control of the climate system, LED lighting, blinds, ringing tones, and many other staff.

Cutting-edge technology used for power plant equipment in the engine room. Each of the two outputs of diesel engines at maximum MTU to 1623 liters. p. In combination with surface-piercing propellers Pershing 70 develops up to 46 knots. During the stay in the marina are the latest gyrostabilizers effectively leveling rocking even at night, leading to the maximum comfort of the guests – a factor which, together with the speed of production is always different from Pershing.


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