Best gadgets of this summer


Xiaomi presented a smart underwater drone, while GLAMOS released a device that turns any surface into a touchscreen. Sounds interesting, huh? Scroll down to learn more about the top three new gadgets of this summer.

Xiaomi PowerDolphin. Drone for underwater and above water

PowerDolphin is the newest drone equipped with a dual pan / tilt camera that allows you to shoot at 220 ° angle!

With PowerDolphin, you can capture both breathtaking biting and mysterious, gorgeous underwater scenery in just a second. The drone is powered by an IPX8 5800mAh battery that enables 2 hours of continuous work mode. The drone’s high water resistance guarantees safe diving, and a long charge ensures successful shooting even in extreme conditions.

PowerDolphin uses sonar technology (PowerSeeker) to provide information on underwater topography and fish locations. Also, the drone is able to analyze underwater dynamics and find the most optimal places for fishing. Yet, that’s not all! PowerDolphin analyzes the terrain and provides you with a visualization of the most suitable route.

So, high-quality pictures, safety and a good catch are guaranteed. How can such a treasure be missed?

GLAMOS. Virtual touchscreen

If you are not impressed by the underwater drone, then this device will certainly not leave you indifferent! The GLAMOS device was developed by former Samsung engineers. It is based on the LIDAR technology, which turns any surface into a fully interactive touch screen. On the wall, on the board, on the refrigerator, and even in the air – with the device, you can create a virtual touchscreen anywhere! Furthermore, you can use the screen without touching it. The gadget reads your movements from a distance.

So all your favorite smartphone games now can automatically become Wii. Simply connect Glamos to your phone and then project the screen onto a wall or TV. Enjoy!

Samsung ITFIT. Ultraviolet sterilizer and charger

Now, during the pandemic, we remember to wash our hands regularly. However, in addition to personal hygiene, it is worth paying attention to smartphones, which are also the real carriers of bacteria.

Samsung has created a wireless charger that kills up to 99% of bacteria in just 10 minutes!

The ITFIT UV Sterilizer looks like a regular white box, which is spacious enough to fit smartphone of 17 centimeters long. In addition, the device can be used to disinfect other items such as sunglasses. Thanks to the built-in Qi charger, you can also use ITFIT to charge other gadgets: wireless headphones, smart watches and other small accessories.

Which device will you buy first? Leave your comments!

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