Bugatti Divo: a miracle for $ 5.4 million


A small-scale supercar embodies a modern interpretation of Bugatti’s traditional values.

The Bugatti Divo debuted at Pebble Beach back in August 2018, but has since barely been shown. The point is not in the minimum circulation of the model – only 40 unique cars, but in the fact that official deliveries to customers have not yet begun, because each compartment is built on an individual project.

The supercar is named after Albert Divo, a French race car driver who twice won the famous Targa Florio race on the Sicilian mountain roads with the Bugatti in the late 1920s.

The coupe was created on the basis of the Bugatti Chiron, but it has a number of unique differences – a carbon fiber body, an original design and color, interior trim, as well as modified suspension settings and an aerodynamic body kit that increases downforce.

Bugatti engineers claim that their task with the Divo was to make the car look different from the Chiron, but was immediately recognizable as a Bugatti. This means that the three key elements of the Bugatti style were to remain in place: a horseshoe-shaped front grill, a typical Bugatti signature line on the sides of the car and a characteristic “fin” that defines the longitudinal axis of the car when viewed from above, which was obtained from Type 57 Atlantic. ”

Divo is a super-sports car tuned for maneuverability and optimal handling characteristics on winding roads. It is equipped with the iconic Bugatti 1500 liter eight-liter W16 engine. with. The aerodynamics of the model was carefully adjusted, and the suspension and chassis settings were changed. As a result, the Divo is 35 kg (77 pounds) lighter and 90 kg (198 pounds) more downforce than the standard Chiron. Its top speed is limited to 380 km / h (236 mph).

As mentioned above, the main goal when working on the new product was to improve its manageability, so everything was subordinate to this goal. To do this, engineers together with designers developed a futuristic body for the model, designed to improve aerodynamics and at the same time cooling the units. The car has an air duct on the roof, directing air flows into the powerful W16, and at the back there is a huge diffuser and a massive stationary wing that acts as an air brake.

In addition, the Bugatti Divo has become easier. Lightweight wheels, even more carbon fiber reinforced plastic, the rejection of unnecessary noise isolation, a glove compartment in the cabin and an expensive audio system made it possible to win 35 kilograms.

Two-tone color scheme also enhances the impression of the car of the future. The wings are painted in “Titanium Liquid Silver” with a matte finish and are optically different from the parts that control the air flow in the rear. The air ducts, rear spoiler and diffuser have a carbon finish.

Divo Racing Blue, a vibrant turquoise hue designed specifically for Divo, emphasizes the three-dimensional nature of the three surfaces leading to the air intakes and outlets on the front, side and back, creating dynamically contrasting effects.

The technical nature of the color scheme and materials used for the exterior is preserved in the interior. The matte version of the exclusive high-gloss carbon fiber used externally is inside. The color effects of the carbon shade and exterior coating are reflected in the dark oil shade of the Divo Gray Alcantara in the interior, providing a subtle contrast to the anodized gray surfaces of the metal parts.

The distinctive Divo Racing Blue is also used as an Alcantara leather tone in the interior, where it plays a special role, providing optical separation of the internal surfaces. This color is used in almost the entire driver’s compartment, and in the passenger area it highlights only accents on a darker background.

There will be no newcomers among the owners of Divo: those who bought all 40 copies have at least one Chiron, so the manufacturer is already familiar with their tastes. However, the choice of configuration and design takes place at the buyer’s personal visit to headquarters, which is decided to make more than two-thirds of customers with their own ideas. By the way, you can choose not only colors, leather, fabrics and stitching, but also personal design with a flag, family coat of arms or in your favorite color.

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