Celera 500L. Secret “bullet plane”.


For several years now, there have been rumors that Otto Aviation is developing an unusual aircraft design. And finally, the American company has officially presented this experimental jet, which is declared as a new generation of ultra-efficient aircraft.

The American company Otto Aviation was founded in 2008, but appeared on the rumor several years ago, after photos of the secret tests of the Celera 500L project were published. One thing can be said about the founder of the company, William Otto: he is able to find non-standard solutions to complex problems. After spending decades developing nuclear rocket engines and weapons, he founded Otto Laboratories. After a while, she earned a reputation as the best aircraft accident investigation firm. He traveled all over the world studying air transport problems, and this is what prompted him to develop the Celera 500L as an answer to these problems.

First of all, the Celera 500L was developed as a private business jet, although the scope of its application is much more extensive. Security controls, delays, flight cancellations and cumbersome transfers make regular aircraft uncomfortable. And private air travel is so expensive that it remains affordable for units. William Otto realized that the aviation industry needed to offer air passengers the convenience and comfort of private air travel, the cost of which would not exceed the price of a regular commercial flight!

And now, having completed 31 successful flights, the Celera 500L was officially launched. Its fuselage has the shape of a bullet, which is why at the project stage it was called that – a bullet plane. Such a body can significantly reduce aerodynamic drag in comparison with the classical elongated form of the aircraft. The company has found the optimal ratio of dimensions, namely length and width, while the air flow remains at the highest level.

Simply put, the Celera 500L will be able to reach the high speeds that a jet plane usually achieves, but at the same time spend up to 6-8 times less fuel and fly twice the distance. The cruising speed of the aircraft is declared at 740 km / h, with a flight range of 8334 km. It is interesting that on 1 liter of fuel the plane can fly 7-10 kilometers, and the approximate costs will be $ 328 per hour, making it a truly economical aircraft. The first Celera 500L hull is powered by a 550 horsepower RED A03 V12 engine with two 6-cylinder blocks that are capable of operating independently. The engine also uses liquid cooling, and the aircraft is certified to use Jet A1 aviation fuel and biodiesel.

Current air transport is harmful to the environment, but the new development will have minimal emissions. The Celera 500L’s carbon footprint exceeds FAA and ICAO emission standards by more than 30%.

Celera 500L will be able to take on board up to six passengers, so it will also be able to work in the “taxi” mode. Superior comfort is provided by the spacious 1.88 meter high cabin. And all 6 seats, located in two rows, have their own configuration settings. Interestingly, all flight tests were carried out on an aircraft, where only pilots had windows – this can be seen from the first photographs of the aircraft. However, the commercial version will also receive windows in the passenger area.

The aircraft will also be able to carry small parcels, and by 2025 the company plans to present a cargo modification of the Celera 1000L, which will have a large payload, while maintaining its economy. Well, we are looking forward to the moment when business jets will become more affordable and we will be able to fly to the nearest countries, taking on charter not only a yacht, but also an airplane.

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