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Coffee Tables: Eco-trends & Models


    The growing popularity of eco trends has a significant impact on design. Bamboo and rattan, precious stones and corals are the new black. Sustainability and naturalness become the canons of the modern-day design. No wonder that yacht enthusiasts prefer furniture made from natural materials. Check out the most stylish models of eco coffee tables in 2020.

    Eco-trends in furniture and design in 2020

    The nature itself is becoming the main resource for the design development. New technologies involve the use of biological materials such as algae, bacteria and even yeast. It is assumed that in the not too distant future we’ll see self-grown buildings (not just printed ones), as well as clothes, furniture and lamps. As for today, cotton, flax, wood, shells, corals, rattan and bamboo are in trend. By the way, don’t miss: Rattan furniture: practicality or fashion trend.

    Land, Sea, Sky Table (Silverlining)

    The first table from our digest is a prime example of how furniture can be a piece of art. Moreover, it can be a symbol that is revealed in a myriad of meanings. The designers of this table deliberately used a variety of materials that represent the primary elements. As a result, the brown oak trunk used for the table’s base represents the earth. The swirling cast glass acts as the sea, and the flickering blotches of LED lamps symbolize the night sky. The table is unique and has no analogues. And, by the way, is already showing off on one of the superyachts.

    Vietato Bagnarsi (Cattelan Italia)

    Another luxurious design of coffee table that might become the highlight of your yacht. The table top is made of clear 12mm glass. The base of the table, carved out of malachite marble, represents the waters, while the five legs resemble shark fins.

    Cute Cut Marine (Roche Bobois)

    Cédric Digot, creator of the Cute Cut table, is known for his gift to combine aesthetics and technology. Cute Cut is an example of artistic creativity and functional use of materials. The table recreates the shape of the bollard on the quay, to which ships dock, and the tabletop resembles a lacquered wooden yacht deck.

    Beaufort Boat Cocktail Table

    This high-quality and authentic coffee table can both accentuate your individual style and remind of marine theme. Wood and glass are perfectly combined, creating a laconic and complete image. If you wish, though, you can add a scattering of sea shells inside the table itself or wrap it with rattan or twine.

    Octopus (Kirk McGuire Sculpture)

    Last but not the least, this coffee table isn’t cheap. Actually, it costs $ 19,500. However, art is priceless, right? Traced down to the smallest detail, a huge bronze octopus holds a circle of the finest glass on its tentacles. This coffee table looks not only unique, but also elegant.

    Authentic Ship’s Brass Window Nautical Coffee Table

    A real ship window, stainless steel and a cast brass frame were used to create this table. The ship’s window is double-winged and has four locking bolts, each with a round nut. This table, weighing 70 kilograms, will become a worthy decoration for your yacht. And, yes, this is an example of high-quality and aesthetical recycling.


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